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iPhone 3GS Audio Quality vs The New iPad

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I am still using my old iPhone 3GS while waiting for the release of the new iPhone later this year, and have been using it as my mp3 player. I bought the new iPad earlier this year, but I have not been listening to much music on it until recently. I found that although the new iPad produces clean, clear music without hiss, I found that I do not enjoy the music and my ears get tired very quickly listening on it. The way I would describe it is that the music produced is "computationally accurate", but it sounded harsh and lacked warmth. When compared to my iPhone 3GS, the same music with the same set of ear buds sounded much warmer, and I am able to get thoroughly immersed in the music. I have tested with mp3s, AACs and Apple Lossless files but the result is still the same. I have turned off all the EQ settings as I prefer listening without them.


Initially I thought I am imagining the differences, but apparently there are people who feels that the new Cirrus Logic chipset used by Apple might be the problem. The CNET thread below talks about the iPhone 4s, which uses exactly the same audio chipset as the new iPad:




Now I am worried that the new iPhone will use exactly the same Cirrus Logic chipset as the 4s and iPad. If so, I am really having 2nd thoughts purchasing it. Music quality is very important to me, and this is the reason why I "dumped" the Samsung Galaxy Note after using it for a month because it did not sound as good as the 3GS.


Does anyone also feel that the new iPad or iPhone 4s does not sound as good as the 3GS? Also, is the new Samsung Galaxy S3 worth considering in terms of audio quality, since it uses the Wolfson chipset? I am considering trying the S3 if it indeed turns out that the new iPhone is using the same chipset as the 4s and new iPad.

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Interesting post and made me think about the 3GS as well, so I started Googling. Found this which was of interest: http://macintoshhowto.com/itunes/which-ipod-has-the-best-audio-quality.html


I'm currently debating between listening to music on my New iPad (3), iPhone4 or my Lenovo T420 (work laptop)! I'm using decent but not audiophile headphones (Beats Solo HD- don't kill me) and was just trying to figure out which one would be the best.

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I have ths 3GS, 4S and the new iPad. I feel that the iPad beats the others when listening with my Fitears MH-334. The 3GS sounds less refined in the high frequencies when compared to the others. The IPad seems to have better dynamics and treble extension when compared to the 4S, overall I like the iPad the best from the 3 choices.
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Do you put your 4s in airplane mode when testing?

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