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Sorry to come back to you so late - I was busy with lots of other things like bringing V220 / V281 on its way in the last days.

The information from Thomann, that G109 has an autosensing power supply is definetely wrong.

I should know !

All our headphone amps from the Lake People G 1xx series and the F 3xx series and the Violectric amps own standard transformers because of the sound.

These transformers may be set to 230 OR 115 V AC supply. European models are set to 230 V ex works.

When a unit is set to 115 V AC supply (ex works) this can easly been recognized by a sticker on the back panel reading "115 V AC".

This sticker covers the standard silk screening on the back cover reading "230 V   115 V" which indicates that the unit may be set to 115 V AC (covers the range from 85 to 125 V AC).

There are also auto sensing devices in the Lake People and Violectric production range.
Here the back is marked "90 - 250 V AC" to indicate an autoranging switch-mode supply. See drawings from the F 4xx and F 6xx series on the web.

Why it still sounds so good is easy to explain:

Your G109-S (set to 230 V AC but connected to 110/120 V AC  supply) now runs with only half of the intended internal supply voltage.

This will not bother the overall quality of the amps nor the sound under normal conditions - but it will half the max output voltage swing which is noticeable when high impedance headphones are connected. The output power now is only 50% which may violate the performance when extremely hungry low impedance headphones are connected.

Also the max input voltage is reduced to +15 dB instead of +21 dB what is relevant only in a professional environment.

Further hum may appear as parts of the internal power conditioning are not working due to the halfed internal voltage.

If you would have the G109-P model, chances are high to not hear anything because the relay which is responsible for the delayed switch-on will not properly work (or only by chance).


Again, the operation of a European 230 V model in a 110/120 V environment is absolutely safe (!!) and will not bother the sound (or only little) under "normal" circumstances.
However, the full performance can only be achieved when set to the correct AC mains voltage.


If in doubt, contact www.Violectric-USA.com for more details.


Best Regards


Fried Reim (CEO of Lake People / Violectric)

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That truly is a bummer. I will need to contact Thomann.de and see if I can return this unit in exchange for a 115v unit. Thanks for getting back to me Fried.
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Originally Posted by fdg View Post
The information from Thomann, that G109 has an autosensing power supply is definetely wrong.

I should know !



Bonus points for that one :-)

I guess its always nice to hear people talking about your products and giving out wrong info.

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Will any of these headphones performance be compromised with my LP G109S being set at 230V while running under the North American 115V:


HiFiMan HE500 @ 38 ohms

Grado SR80 @ 32 ohms

Shure SRH840 @ 44 ohms


Also, can you describe what is involved in changing the setting from 230V to 115V that I can share with an electronics technician here in Canada.  When they see the back of the unit they will immediately assume it is a switching unit and most likely will suggest that all is fine (just like the folks at Thomann International have done).  Thanks Fried.

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Originally Posted by Tuneslover View Post

That truly is a bummer. I will need to contact Thomann.de and see if I can return this unit in exchange for a 115v unit. Thanks for getting back to me Fried.

I got my G103-S from Violectric USA, sold with North American power cords and pre-set to North American voltage  - http://violectric-usa.com/headphone-amplifiers , as noted by Fried Reim. 


Very pleased with the prompt email response and quick shipping.

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I ordered a Simran AC-200 Stepup Voltage Converter Transformer which will convert our North American 110V to my G109-S pre-set 220V. I will be able to use the German power cord that came with my unit. It arrives on Tuesday, I am very interested to hear how my HiFiMan 500's will sound then.
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If I interpret Frieds posts correctly it should be rather easy to change that setting, so no stepup transformer is necessary I guess.

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Which post no. is that because this would have been my preferred choice but the transformer should work as well.
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In post #181 Fried talks about the unit being set to either 230V or 120V, I understand that as the transformer having 2 primary coils which are selected by a jumper. Otherwise he might have noted that there are different units available...


Maybe you can ask Violectric US for details on that (I faintly remember the manual mentioning some jumper settings inside, but that may be just the gain and I don't own the G109 anymore). Otherwise you might want to screw it open and take a look... it might be easy to identify. Might void your warranty btw.

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I actually sent Fried an email asking him to send me a schematic/picture and pointing out where the setting can be changed, along with a brief easy to understand set of instructions so that I can have an electronics technician re-set it to 115V. I know he's a busy man and probably can't get back to me too quickly (besides he's probably been partying it up because of Germany's World Cup victory...LOL). No biggie because the transformer should do the trick anyway.
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I think you'll be better off asking their US representatives... the CEO might not be the right person for that kind of question ;-)

I did not find any related information online, sorry.

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Fried mentioned in an earlier post (quite a while ago, cant remember which post) that the end-user can in fact change the AC mains voltage on their own but it requires a little soldering. I think you're right, your best bet is to get in touch with Lake People and ask for instructions and then do it yourself or have a professional do it for you if you don't feel comfortable. But it should be fairly easy. Let us know what you learn.

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Actually Fried and I have been emailing one another regarding my voltage issue. Essentially the Step Up Transformer (which arrived today) has resolved everything. All is good on that front. He also sent me schematics and instructions on how to re-set the voltage to 115V if I choose to go this route. Truly awesome support and customer service in a very personalized manner by the CEO himself. Top shelf person and product. It just doesn't get better than that!

I have been listening to music all evening long and I'm absolutely mesmerized at how good it sounds. Highly recommended headphone amp.
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Listening to my G-103S with my HD600's.  Normally, I would insist on tubes for these cans but I'll be damned if the LP amp doesn't make them sing pretty darn well.  The songs em Portuges on Melody Gardot's latest album have a tendency to get a little busy but the G103 has some iron-fisted control. 


Great stuff from Lake People.  Great job, Fried. 

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Is it possible to change the gain for G103-S or have a custom gain levels. I'm afraid the low gain setting is not low enough for sensitive low impendance phones and would not have much tracking range with volume control.
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