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iPod Classic 5.5g vs iPod Classic 7g SQ?

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I have still have my first iPod ever (5.5g Classic) and there are minor issues with it (software) but I was wondering if the iPod Classic 7g have better sound quality. I love my 5.5s SQ and I was wondering if the 5.5g is ≥ iPod 7g..im just looking for an upgrade but if the sq isnt = or greater than the 5.5 i will just stick to it and its not modded or anything



Thanks, :)

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depends with your sound preferences


for me, basically the 5.5g is abit warm sounding while the 7g is somewhat flat sounding




hope it helps :)

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Personally, I prefer the sound of the 5.0/5.5G over the 7G when driving headphones.  In my opinion, the 7G sounds somewhat harsh.  I really like the sound of my 7G with the Fiio E17 connected with the line out, though.
Other considerations are that the 5.0/5.5G have better Rockbox support, allowing you to dual-boot.  You can't dual boot the 7G.  If you use a USB car head unit though, the 7G allows for head unit control in addition to "hands on" control. 

The 5.5G is upgradable to the same 240GB drive that the 7G is upgradable to.  The 5.0G is generally only upgradable to 120GB.

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the 5.5 gen has a wolfson 8758 digital to analog codec.... a very highly regarded dac chip manufacturer to audiophiles and people who make amps and dacs for a living... After the 5.5 gen 6 on, apple cut the cost of the product and size by using a much cheaper chip... no more wolfson.

I have an 80gb 5.5 gen, a 7th gen, an ipad2 and a Nano 4th gen.... i view the sound quality of the ipod 5.5 to best only nominally better than the 7th gen...its not much but it is there... the highs are a little less smooth and there is just a little more clarity to the 5.5
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Some people here will tell you, that the Wolfson chip quality is a myth. Apple now puts hi-grade Cirrus chips in their devices. All my expensive professional (not audiophile) soundcards that I used had Cirrus chips. Wolfson sounds more warm and has a bass roll off some might not like, so it's more audio enthusiast orientated. 


If you want to get more from your iPod - get an amp that suits your headphones the best. Maybe try modding it.

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can someone tell me if the Fiio L11 improves the ipod classic 80gb sound please help thanks



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