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Authorized sellers in U.S

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Dear customer and FiiO's fans, below is the list of our Authorized seller in U.S, it has not covered all the authorized seller because we need to confirm


with our agents one by one.


You can buy our products from these sellers very safely .


No Seller Name Direct link of FiiO products or Address of stores Contact information Remarks
1 HiFiMan http://head-direct.com/Products/?bid=9    
2 MICCA http://www.miccastore.com/fiio-m-6.html    
3 Adorama http://www.adorama.com    
4 Comp-U-Plus    
5 Etronics http://etronics.com/    
6 HeadRoom http://www.headphone.com/brands/fiio.php    
7 J&R http://www.jr.com/brand/fiio/    
8 MCM http://electronics.mcmelectronics.com/?N=&Ntt=fiio&x=0&y=0    
9 SonicElectronix http://www.sonicelectronix.com/    
10 THINKGEEK http://www.thinkgeek.com/    
11 Parts-Express http://www.parts-express.com/wizards/searchResults.cfm?srchExt=Mfg&srchMfg=505    
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I hope my E10 is real. I got it off Amazon. Seller is GMARTGLOBAL, and fulfilled by Amazon.

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Originally Posted by slick1ru2 View Post

I hope my E10 is real. I got it off Amazon. Seller is GMARTGLOBAL, and fulfilled by Amazon.


Not fake E10 by now

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EDITED: I checked on your Website. We're good :D

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I do think I may have gotten a fake e12. It looks real, not like a sloppy copy. However when I scratched off the label the number that I found is not recognized on the fiio website. I got it through Amazon in the US sold by a company called extreme commerce but fulfilled through Amazon.

Edit...apparently my concern was due to the authentication system being down. All is good.
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Amazon is the best store which provides the vast variety of product with discounted prices and offers.

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