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Originally Posted by googleli View Post

Good for you... I tried the Pioneer and Sony 5.1/7.1 headphnoe systems in the past and they are sheer jokes when compared with the Realizer, IME.


Those don't really sound like what I'm thinking of...then again, you could be talking about A/V receivers with headphone surround processing (which could be lesser-known techs inferior to Dolby Headphone, let alone SVS), while I'm thinking more along the lines of PC sound cards and Astro Mixamps for consoles and whatnot.


Still, for the price tag and its approach to headphone surround, I expect the Realiser to be nothing less than mindblowing and utterly steamrolling over any other virtual 5.1/7.1 binaural headphone mixing tech. One of these days, I'll have to audition one and hear how it really does compare to whatever actual theater system it's recorded.


It's just too bad that you can't get a typical A/V receiver with the Smyth SVS tech already integrated...guess it's too niche of a feature for most receiver manufacturers to bother with.

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Given that the Realiser is more expensive than most TOTL AV receivers, it will take a while before this technology can be integrated into the receivers, if Lorr would allow that to happen at all, but it would be a very nice feature indeed.
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IMO the SVS is good, but it still doesn't make me feel convinced that the sound is coming from 5.1 speakers.


There is much better directionality than the default though.. almost all the demos are done with Stax over at my country, but we've tried with other headphones too. Works well in most instances. The calibration to your ear is the most important part, and having a good 5.1 or 7.1 setup as the basis is quite important, IMO.


Back to topic - there's nothing wrong with using 009 for gaming.

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I have the same idea, I want to use 009 for gaming and watching movies. LOL.
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