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beats vs sennhieser?

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because my cousin thinks oh my god those sennhieser are expensive and ****ty with no bass and are muffled and they look ugly beats are the best and are the future like 50 cents sync and sennhieser a terrible with no bass and are muffled. I gave his beats a try because his sound better and  my sennhieser were clean and had some mid bass not overpowering or to weak and they must be better right? he even goes on amazon and shows beats are da best becuz dey have 5 stars only on amazon when you can actually see he has the 5 stars only option. Then he goes sennhizers suk cuz dey have 3 starz only doing the same bull he was doing before they he makes this excuse like your only playing for the brans dumb name. so I gave a listen he pumps the amp to the highest power and make the volume 80 see you cant hear anyone and there the most comfortable in he entire world. they weren't  they were the most uncomfortable I have ever worn or at least more uncomfortable then nearly 300$ cheaper sennhieser. the sound was enhanced with bass like it was made only for bass no highs no mids none of that you get bass that even muddy Im not hating on the beats Im just saying don't make then sound the best when their not and even cheaper sennhieser that sound better and that cost really 300 less is pathetic.

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which models are you even talking about?

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Whoa bro calm down lol. And uh, your friend is stupid. Not that Beats totally suck, they just totally suck for how expensive they are. He said YOU'RE the one paying for the name with Sennheiser? Obviously just another one of the sheep that the Beats' advertising actually fools. He probably thinks that Dr. Dre actually sits in a little lab and hand crafts each pair of headphones by hand tongue.gif 

But yeah you never even said what models you were talking about... It's probably a good bet though that yours have a better sound-to-price ratio than Beats. I mean, I haven't even heard any Senns but I have heard Beats and there's no way you could get me to pay the prices they ask for them.

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Beats are worth like $50

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Is this even a real post?

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original poster: you seem kind of young (probably around 14), so maybe it's in your best interest to do some research first by trying different kinds of headphones, and find the one you want 

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You also misspelled Sennheiser at every opportunity.

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Originally Posted by Detex View Post

Is this even a real post?



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Wow kid

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Well, you've got the right idea... Here are a couple of tips that will get a lot more people to listen to you:


1. Grammar

2. Paragraphs

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Well here on head-fi people will tell you beats suck (which  they do for the $) but if you think beats sound better that is your opinion and you are entitled to it and vise versa.

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I'm a troll or he is?
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Can't tell if troll or kid, but.


Beats aren't horrible but they are absolutely horrible for the price, they're worth about $50 - $80. 

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I think he just wants to rage and make it known.....depending on the situation, if I was on a desert island with a choice between a Beats Solo and Studio and a HD201... I'd get the Beats studio......... just saying.  But if I had $300 to spend, you would bet I wouldn't.

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Originally Posted by Detex View Post

I'm a troll or he is?


HE is! I'm wondering how real this is too...


Also, LOTS of kids with bad G/P/S posting around here recently! Lots of of them Beats comparisons too. 

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