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Perfect Thing!
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Ok so I picked up a Benchmark DAC2 HGC to go with my Fostex TH900.  I must say that this is a great pairing.  The DAC2 is more than powerful enough to drive the TH-900 which has low requirements to run in the first place.  Due to the warmth of the TH900 the sound is superb.  

Listening to Michael Buble "Feeling Good" sounds deep and enriching.

Listening to Zedd Clarity is phenomenal.  Separation of sounds is fantastic.  I never could listen to that whole CD until now.

Boston Greatest hits including "Higher Power" song guitar sounds so dang clear.  Not sure how to describe it.

Beck's Album Morning Phase sounds clear, nothing impressive but I have only listened to a couple songs

Wow I have to say "Dead can Dance" Album all sounds great but listen to the hang drum on the song "Anabasis"  = Turn it up a little more than normal and listen.  Wow


After I listen to the DAC2 for a few more weeks I'll post some more impressions after the honeymoon phase wears off.

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I hust recently decided to acquire the fostex th-900 and it is on its way, but now I'm figuring out what to pair with it, and I was thinking of waiting till its arrival to then bring it around and compare different amplifiers with it...

I'm currently considering schiit, woo audio, auralic. Any more to add? The bakoon burson is not really worth it for the prices they go for here.
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