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Originally Posted by the-kraken View Post

Oppo's response:

"Balanced headphone outputs allow for four times the amplification. This is why we you can get much more power out of a balanced output than a single ended output."

Translation: it's not a mistake, we meant it to be that way.

Probably because power, P=V2/R and a balanced connection is twice the unbalanced voltage, or Pb=(2*Vu)2/R = Pb=4*(Vu)2/R, or 4X the power.  Assuming there is no current limiting.

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I think it has as much to do with the internal architecture (whether it's fully balanced or not). E.G., the Schiit Ragnarok which features both 4pin xlr balanced and single ended outputs has the same power output regardless of the connection type.

To be clear, the Oppo HA-1 is fully balanced.
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It has normally more to do with current limitation... Except for inherently balanced topologies (I think the Ragnarok uses one of these, so that case may be different) when using 2 amps per channel each one sees only half the load. With no current limitation that will amount to 4x power...


Nevertheless I still don't understand the obsession with power... yes, a certain amount is necessary (normally a factor of 1:8 sustained vs. peak) to reproduce music without compression, but that is it... for my listening level below 90dB I don't need 2W/channel... whats the sensitivity of the TH900? I remember something around 94dB @1mW. I'm absolutely shure if the TH900 were in need of power to show their best, Fostex would have made the A8 put out more. Its their flagship combo, they won't take shortcuts on that.

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