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Originally Posted by monoxyde1234 View Post

F***** hilarious, so thats why everytime i try to switch off this a**w*** marketing BS of a software, it sounds horrible.
so i just lived with it turned on knowing i just had to turn it on to atleast have decent sound coming out.

ive been looking for a solution on google for a long time, trying to see if i could just uninstall it and replace
it with something else, but was too afraid that if i did, it would mess up things.

atleast now i know i could listen to my music unadulterated, and youre a life saver :) thanks

Resetting the tone controls to 0 works temporarily, but when you restart your computer, or turn the beats on and off, it defaults to the +4 or whatever it is again. Look at my post for solutions to this.

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Originally Posted by jono454 View Post


But you won't hear what the artists hear in the recording studios if you remove the beats software....lol

Are you serieous? Computer speakers could never reproduce very good quality for that price, especialy beats....lol

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^^ lol I believe that's sarcasm




Originally Posted by proton007 View Post


From what I know, the profit margins in the PC business are not really that great. Making a good product may not mean profits, but cost cutting can.

Secondly, PCs have always been general purpose computing devices. They have the capability to be transformed into something else, but on their own, they're just jack of all trades.


Nope they're not great profit at all. Imagine how much less they'ld make if they actually tried to spend more on quality. HP was so close to exiting the PC business last year, really wish they did.

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Perhaps get a USB DAC and switch Playback device from onboard audio to the USB DAC?  That should bypass the software.

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I have an HP desktop and noticed a few other issues with the Beats Audio...


The most annoying to me was this cross-feed between the left and right channels that was built in to everything.  I couldn't figure out what was going on at first - music sounded different playing from my DAP than from my computer, on both headphones and near-fields...  I never even thought to check the Beats Audio interface because I listen to my music through foobar2000 using WASAPI.


But it went away when I disabled Beats Audio.  It seemed to be tied to a slider in the Beats interface called "Vocal Clarity (TM)"; when the slider was to the left (minimized), there was a little cross feed, and when it was maxed out stereo sounded like mono.


Maybe the PC version of Beats is different from the laptop version (there is no "Tone Control", for example), but I didn't want to remove it completely and constantly be reminded of missing drivers (which is why even a clean win7 install won't fix everything).


So whatever the case may be, there is more going on than just maxing the bass / treb.



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