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hey guys -


my rega p1 has been in the closet for years now and i'm finally looking to get it spinning again.  i used to feed it into a cheap phono preamp into a cheap headphone/speaker tube amp ( i want to say it was a little dot but i know it wasn't.... same price point though) and i had wharfedale diamond 9.0 or 10.0 speakers.  i'm looking to spend around $1000 for decent speakers and amp.  i'd also like to know if getting a good phono preamp is recommended (and why?)


i was thinking about these  as far as an amp goes i'm really on the fence.  i've always enjoyed deep tubey texture (my hd650 + darkvoice 336i combo was pure heaven to me)  but i'm not sure i want to deal with tube rolling again or the heat.  lastly i want it to pack a little punch.  i want the setup to be in my room but i also want to be able to crank it up and listen to it while i cook, etc. ( I live in a small apartment and my neighbors don't care about the noise).  an amp with multiple inputs also is a plus as i have a cdplayer too.


also, as i've been totally out of the audio world loop, if you can link me to some good vendors or informative sites so that i can read up on my own, i would appreciate it!  I've missed you head-fi :)



edit:  noooooo my 667th post >:(

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