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First of all thanks a lot to feilb for helping me to get a basic understanding of all this. 

Since I had defective 6n6p tubes I replaced them with a 1980s batch (also a recommendation of feilb) and not only is the channel balance back, the slight buzz also went away and I seem to have a clearer background now, some may call it blackground.




I rolled the ECC85 in the last few days and it tends to give the HD 800 a dark character with a more hefty low ned, however the rolloff removes noticable more "air" than the standard 6N1P. So far they are not to my liking. 


Next up: EC88 (pretty expensive though) and? I'm up for a new ideas.

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Next week I should come by Valhalla2. I Decide what to buy tubes of Russian 6N1P place. It may well be that I'll defective tubes. I own headphones Beyerdynamic T1 @ 600 Ohms, but I do not know what manufacturer will have high quality and cheap tubes. (JJ, TESLA, Harmonix, TAD, Telefunken, Genalex ....) Of course, to put tubes pair with T1.


Beyerdynamic T1 + Schiit Valhalla2 + Stock 6n1p/6n6p Tubes
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Hey Guys, 


Selling out a bunch of tubes from my stock - e188cc's, e88cc's, CCa's, Mullard Blackburns, rb2013's HG's & Voskhod rockets... Link is below: 



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