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Here they are, tubes from Mr.Tom:



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I recently picked up a used Valhalla, I'm loving how it sounds, but I'm getting curious and want to change the input tubes. Problem is that I have one of the first versions that may or may not work with other tubes. Anybody have the V1 Valhalla with nonstandard input tubes? If so, what are they? 


I only found these: http://www.head-fi.org/t/626399/the-best-of-the-bunch-russian-tubes-for-schiit-valhalla-version-1-2

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It seems, that from the first version of the Valhalla as input tubes were used the same 6N1P. Simply the first version do not allow tube rolling to the similar types of these tubes, such as 6DJ8, 6922, 6BZ7 and others.
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Hi everybody! Seems this thread isn't very popular, so I'll update.


     Yesterday, I've got tubes for the Valhalla. Tubes were purchased from the eBay seller http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/4951511020. Really good seller, the only weakness is Russian post - very slow, took a month to arrive. So here they are:


Gold Grid Rocket logo "Voskhod" 6N1P-EV-OC from the 1980's:




Gold Grid Novosibirsk "OTK" signed 6N6P from the 1990's:



     From the first minutes of listening, I can say that these tubes are good improvement over the stock tubes. The bass is more punchy and sound is very detailed.

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Subscribed. :darthsmile:

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Here i am, just ordered a couple of Nos E88CC/cca Telefunken.
I'm waiting like a kid for my self-christmas present!!!wink.gif
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I know this is a pretty late reply, but I was able to get a pair of Sovtek 6N1Ps for free since I had left over money on my account at an online store. They should work with V1 Valhalla, right? The only rollable tubes are 6N1P if I understand your previous post.


Decided to ask schiit themselves.

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Originally Posted by TEAMPELONE View Post

Here i am, just ordered a couple of Nos E88CC/cca Telefunken.
I'm waiting like a kid for my self-christmas present!!!wink.gif

Looking forward for your impressions.

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Recently received Russian tubes from the seller I mentioned earlier.


These are Gold Pins Gold Grid 6N6P from 1980's (seems to be quite rare):



And Gold Pins Gold Grid 6N1P-EV-OC from 1980's:



These tubes are sounding very good. The bass is strong and punchy (standard tubes had lack of it), the mids are well defined with a small touch of warmth, the highs are detailed and transparent. These are the best tubes of the 6N6P's and 6N1P's families I've listened to.

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I've had multiple good experiences with this website and associated eBay seller:

Originally Posted by gefski View Post

I can't really find sources for 6N6Ps. Have spare set from Schiit, but that's it. I looked at a couple Russian sites, but am unsure about that (one had scam type warnings when I googled around). Ideas anyone?

Since 6N6Ps directly drive the headphones, they should provide significant differences. For the front end, there are lots of 6DJ8/6922 variants.

That said, I've been very happy with the Valhalla using stock tubes (and less happy with some of the 6922s I've tried).

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I'm still waiting for my Tele tubes... With christmas in the middle the ship takes a lot of time...mad.gif
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I am impressed by the incredibly low prices that the Ebay seller is asking .  Many for not much molre than $2 a piece!

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The two E88CC-CCA telefunken arrived yesterday, i started the burn in.
I just listened them a little after three hours of burn in, but i prefer to wait some other hours before writing my impressions...
I only can tell that for the price i pay them, i have big expectations... And i would like to have more that i heard at the moment...
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Here are some pic:

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It may come down to what you don't hear.  These tubes are known for their lack of distortion and have vanishingly low noise.

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