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Opinion on EBAY transaction

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I have no idea of the right place to post this question, so I guess Ill put it in "the lounge". I've also posted this on overclock.net in the offtopic.

The Situation:

I recently purchased an ipod classic 120GB from ebay. It was basically described as "like new". When the item arrived I knew somthing was up because there was some sort of water or cleaning fluid residue behind the clear part of the case and the actual screen. The top corner was also slightly popped open. I checked his previous purchases, and low and behold was a new front and back for a black 120gb ipod from china.

After complaining to the seller multiple times, he gives me some story about how he shipped me the wrong one, and once he gets it back he'll refund me the cost.

The Question.

Should I insist that he refunds me the money first before shipping the item? It is my opinion that since I know he scammed me already, what's to stop him from receiving the item back and not refunding me the money. What do you guys think?


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Did you pay by PayPal?, you should be protected in that case.


You can make a claim through PayPal to get a refund, but there's a certain time limit (40 days ish) in which you can make a claim after the payment.


When you do send it back, make sure you use a shipping method with a tracking number/delivery confirmation.


Good luck.

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Thanks. I know I can make a claim, but I would prefer to handle it outside the claim process. He's offering to return the funds to me after I ship the item back to him. If I do so, I will have no recourse. I am considering asking for him to refund me the money, and then I will send the item back.

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Tell him that's the only way...or claims office it is



^this is the ebay dude

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Ebay almost always side with the buyer.

If you used paypal and the emails are recorded in ebay's system than you will get your money back.

I think in cases where the buyer refuse to refund the money, ebay will refund you the money and collect it from him.

Just make sure you add tracking so you have proof you sent it back.


Also, I wouldn't handle it outside the claim process, especially if you think he might not give you your money back.

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Thank you to everyone that responded.


I actually decided to make an offer to the seller instead of going through the claim process. He took it.


I got a 120GB IPOD Classic with freshly replaced front and back  for $110 bucks. I thought that it worked out pretty well. 

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