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M-audio av40s + Polk psw10 + iBasso d7

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Hi all! I currently have a pair of AV40 power speakers which I love.  I am, however, craving some more bass and want to add a sub to the equation.  After researching many powered sub options, the polk psw10 seems to be the best fit. 


While I have done a lot of digging around, and found a bunch of topics related to pairing the av40s with a sub, I am still very unsure about the whole process.  I am posting because I want to make sure, before i buy the psw10, that I will be able to easily and efficiently pair it with my av40s.  I would be playing out of my ibasso d7 usb dac. 


I am really an armature when it comes to the idea of setting something like this up.  I am just looking for a simple, easy to understand explanation of how it would be done, and if I need to add any extra cables/adapters.  Right now I'm expecting that I should be able to have both the speakers and the sub playing simultaneously through the d7, hooking the R/L analog outputs on the back of the d7 into the sub, and the line out to the av40s (Which is currently how i listen).  There is also a "digital output" on the d7 but I'm not sure what it actually is.  RCA perhaps?


Anyways, I would really really appreciate any help.  I understand that there is a bunch of information on this topic out there already... I've done a ton of research and I am still left unsure due to my lack of know-how.


AV40s: http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/MAudioAV40.html


Polk psw10: http://www.polkaudio.com/products/psw10


iBasso d7 dac: http://www.ibasso.com/en/products/show.asp?ID=77

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Assuming that your D7 will output signal to both the rca jacks and the line out at the same time, then you won't have any problems adding a sub into your setup.


All you need is a pair of rca cables to connect the D7 to the sub.


I recommend that you look into the Velodyne VX-11 instead of the PSW10. I've auditioned both and the VX-11 easily beats the PSW10 imo. It can extend lower and is built much better than the PSW10. The extra $50 was well worth it imo because I only plan on buying once and then not again till much later and I want to get the most for my money. Plus, Velodyne specializes in subs and is know pretty much as a worlds' best sub maker. Polk makes good speakers but they aren't know for their subs like Velodyne is.

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Thanks for the recommendation! Im more than willing to dish out the extra 50 for increase quality. Assuming though that I'd also be able pair it with the av40s.
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You could do some tests and see if the D7 will output signal to both at the same time. Try and find something you can hook up to the rca jacks and also have your AV40's hooked up. Try a tv and see if you can send the sound to your speakers and the tv with the D7.

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Tested it and looks like the d7 can run multiple outputs just fine.  Also looked into the vx-11 and I'm shocked I hadn't stumbled across it in my research, but it looks great and I just placed an order! thanks for your help

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I do have one more question thought now that this has been set in motion.  I'm still a bit confused as to what type of interconnect I need to purchase to connect the sub to my d7 RCA output.  Im assuming that I would connect the RCA out of the d7 to the line level input of the sub.  The thing that confuses me though is that there are both R/L line level inputs, rather than a single RCA input.  It does look like, when looking at a picture of the back of the sub, the "Left" line level input is labeled with LFE in.  Does this mean that I can take an RCA to RCA cable to connect the d7 to the sub through the Left entry? or am I supposed to get a cable that has an RCA male end and a special L/R male end for this set up?  Am I drastically over thinking this?

Also the manual suggests  I get a "shielded phono" cable for the line level input.  I'm not exactly sure how to sort all this stuff out.  Thanks again for all the help

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I would hook up both of the left and right inputs. The LFE label is specifically for use with a receiver which will combine the left and right channels together, eliminated the need for multiple cables in a home theater setup.


There's no need for any special adapters or cables. Just some regular rca cable will do the job. I don't recommend using cheap small and thin cable though. Make sure it's of a decent guage. 

Here's a good example.

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Thanks so much for your help and recommendation! my vx11 came today..... and I'm blown away.  I cannot get over how well this thing performs. 

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No problem, always happy to help!


Enjoy! biggrin.gif

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