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What $200 headphones have detachable cables?

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Hey everyone!


My ATH-A500s have a short in their cable and I've had them for about 5 years, so I'm starting to look at some replacements.  I have a better paying job now so I'm thinking about upgrading to DT 770 Pros or something... But I know a few headphones out there have detachable cables.  What are the options with that functionality?  I'll mostly be listening to EDM and gaming to these headphones and im looking to spend 200 or 250.  I saw the HD598s have a detachable cable...




What else?

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V-Moda M80 which run $200

They are very well built, good sounding, but a tad bassy for my tastes


SHURE SRH84 which run $200

Sound a little more bassy than their neutral sibling the SRH440.  Good for technical listening.


Those are two that I can think of that sound good in that price point with detachable cables.

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The 5x8 series all have detachable cables.

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AKG Q701 or K702, which can be had for around $240 new or $200 used on Amazon.


SRH 940, which can also be had for around $240 on Amazon. Bit more air and treble than the 840 at the cost of some warmth.


My personal favorite in this price range for SQ would be a used HD 580 or HD 600. The 600 will probably be at the very top of your budget and the 580 will require some scrounging, but almost everything on these headphones is user replaceable. Cables, drivers, grills, and pads can all be purchased and dropped in.

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My personal favorite is the AKG Q701. I can't stop raving about them, I suppose.

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