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lol, oh god no, tell me how listening to a song with a river flow in the background that sound like you are right next to it? It is an unbelieveable sensation that you cant really explain, you have to try it, but honeslty it wotn ruin it for you, it is actually a main selling point for the ultrasones. all ultrasone headphones have it. It doesnt come out all the time, only really in glitch type music and some parts of techno, its a rare ocasion to hear it, but when you do its awesome.

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Originally Posted by kensclark15 View Post

- Sound

  - Good sound on all frequencies with a boost on bass. Maybe going down below 15 hertz. Below 10 a plus.

  - No v shaped signature or an upside down V shape lol.




 It would also be good if the headphones went above 20,000 hertz. So any ideas?


Just a heads up, you're probably not really going to find music that has anything happening below 20 hz. Going above 20,000 hz will lend an airiness to the sound, but nothing really happens up there either.


Has anybody suggested the Creative Aurvana Live? It's not as much of a basshead phone, but it has a good overall balanced sound. If you're willing to try IEM's, the EX600 might be worth looking into.

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I wouldn't say the HFI-580 are the BEST..although I think you would be happy with them if you got them, I like them, and they do go well with the genre's of music you like imo. 

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The 580s are V-shaped.


Go with the DJ1 Pros if you want a more neutral tone and wider soundstage.

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+1 Fischer Audio FA-003 / Brainwavz HM5 - There are even cheaper $50 clones...which some say as just as good...but needs to be verified...


+1 Ultrasones


+1 M50 


Consider Phillips Uptown for a change maybe...

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So I'm thinking about the Ultrasone 580's, but I don't know if they will fit my ear. I have pretty small ears but I don't know... Can someone please measure the diameter if the inside of the phones?

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i possibly have the biggest ears on ears, i am called dumbo! they fit my ears perfectly ( snug ) dont worry, you will not have a problem of them fitting, plus with the band, they adjsut to fit your head ( like shoes to your feet )

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M50 is a wrong choice IMO
it's a gaming headphone, therefore IMO, it should have a big soundstage while M50 have a very small soundstage

Shures SRH 440 have a wide soundstage, with great mids and highs. Have quality bass but less quantity, so u might want to get a FiiO E6 amp to increase the bass.

I owned the SRH 440 but have not tried it for gaming (my PC broke) but I've seen one Amazon review stating that it does a very good job at surround sound (able to pinpoint sounds like machine guns from a direction accurately), so its probably plus for u if u play games with those features.

Did not hear the ultrasone so I can't comment.

just my opinion.
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I can recommend either the ultrasone hfi-580 or the Superlux hd-681 evo. I have both and in all honesty, while the superlux aren't much to look at, they sound fantastically balanced with a weighty bottom end, smooth mids and controlled highs. A much better "value" than the ultrasones and more comfortable without the v shaped sound signature.

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