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Opinions on Shure SRH750DJ and Denon DN HP1000

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Hey there. I'm relatively new to the headphone scene and currently looking for an upgrade to my $45 ebay XB500's. What I'm looking for is good, punchy bass that wont rattle at certain frequencies (like my sony's are doing). I listen to everything from classical to Dubstep/Trance and frequently gaming, but mostly I'm looking for great bass and clarity. My XB500's are great for bass but like I said, they rattle... and the bass is just about the only thing they offer.


I can get my hands on a pair of the SRH750dj's at a local electronics specialty store for $95 on-sale, or the DN HP1000's from some guy who claims they were "used very lightly", for $100 cash.


I know they're both DJ headphones, but they'll rarely leave the computer desk. I am currently interested in Producing so the range is a must. And should I possibly look into a good headphone amp if I but these? I know they each handle a lot of power.


Last question: How would these perform compared to DR Dre's Beats Studio or the Pro's?

My buddy has a Pro and it sounds amazing, but extremely over priced...


Thanks for any tips.

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the SRH750dj, despite the DJ label on it is not a bassheavy headphone.. it will give you quite nice extension down low but it doesnt have a lot of punch to it (xb500 might be punchier). the overall sound is well balanced in my opinion.. nice low, and tight bass, sweet upper mids, and sparkling highs. its a warm sounding all rounder headphone, my only gripe in the sound is that at times the highs can get a little shrilling and harsh, especially on bright recording. The fit and comfrot though and also the build quality is horrible... I love the sound though.


compared to beats, these have better pronounciation on the mids and brighter treble.. and not as muddy as the beats. as for the denon.. never heard that model.

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Thanks for the reply, just did a little more searching and found the ATH-M50s by Audio Technica. Soundprofessionals.com has a $40 rebate on these right now so for $135 shipped to Ontario, which is a really good deal. These sound like the real deal with a perfect mix between the SRH-840's and 750DJ's with better sound and build quality. I think I might be sold on these since they also have been said to out-perform beats pro's!

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