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For Sale:
SOLD: Venturecraft Go-DAP4.0 DAC/Amp (Burr-Brown OPA2134) for iPhone 4/4s

Will Ship To: USA

Venturecraft is putting out some interesting all-in-one units for iPhone users.    


I am the 2nd owner of this Go-DAP Unit 4.0 for iPhone 4/4s but rest assured this unit has not been used that much.  Mint condition. 


This is a very cable unit but is not particularly good for my IEMs.  Why?  The low end is lacking.  Highs are extended and detailed.  Mids are up front and prominent.  Soundstage and transparency are more than adequate.  I think the Go-DAP would pair better with a bassy headphone or IEM.  If your IEM or headphone is bass-light then you've been warned.    


So if this is not the end-all to DAC/Amp combos why would someone be interested in buying this one from me:

1.  It's a gadget you want to try at a discount.  It's a gadget.

2.  By bypassing your iPhone's headphone jack you are saving your phone's battery (good for trips)

3.  The Go-DAP can charge your iPhone to about 50% capacity (good for trips)

4.  You can send the Go-DAP to Venturecraft for upgrades to OPAmps and power output (not cheap though)

5.  You can mod the Go-DAP yourself (out of my expertise)

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