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For Sale:
SOLD: Meier-Audio 2Stepdance

Will Ship To: United States

For sale is one of the best portable headphone amps on the market, the Meier-Audio 2Stepdance.  Why sell?  I don't use my portable rig that much and I have just made upgrades to my desktop rig so returning some money to the piggy bank.  I am the 2nd owner of the unit.  2Stepdance is a no compromise solution to full rich sound and detail.  Non-fatiguing and toe-tapping musical amp.  I have no doubt that my next portable amp would be a Jan Meier amp.  This guy knows what he is doing.          


2Stepdance has been discussed in detail at Head-fi.  The only negative I can think of is that it can be prone to picking up RF signals.  Naturally this depends on where you are.


For pure convenience I prefer to ship within the United States.  If the unit isn't sold by the end of the week I will open it up to international sale. 


I will throw in a FiiO LOD and 12V wall wart.

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