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For Sale or Trade: Peachtree Decco2[PRICE DROP]

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For Sale or Trade:
Peachtree Decco2[PRICE DROP]

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought this new for a speaker set-up, six months ago, that I have as yet still not been able to use. I am the original owner and the unit has only been used for a few minutes just to make sure it works.  Still has the little plastic caps on the back covering the connectors.  Like I said, just an interests check.  Need to know if anyone is interested and how much I could get for a basically new unit if I decide to let it go.  Will have pictures in a couple of days.



No longer an interest check.  I am actively looking to sell or trade it.  For all the amazing things this unit does, I have a separate component that fulfills each function; so, it is either get rid of all of them or get rid of this.  Downsizing, lack of free time sucks.  Unit is basically new.  I have all paperwork and the remote.  I will have pictures up in a couple of days when I am home and will be able to verify that I have the original box as well.


I do in fact have the original box!


Will consider trades/partial trades for HE-400, HE-500, or UM Merlin


CONUS SHIPPING ONLY  unit is just too big for anything else, I am afraid.


Paypal is the only way I handle online transactions




Due to a recent blowout on the interstate I am lowering the price of the Peachtree from $500 to $450.  Let my misfortune be your gain and a lesson to all to check the air pressure in your tires more often.  Unfortunately, I am now obviously less inclined to trade, but the HE-400 used plus $$$ isn't entirely out of the question, but I do need money:(

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Sale Pending

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