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Toronto Meet : August 12th

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Hey guys,


I think it's been some time since the last meet and I'm definitely in the mood to experience the next one. This one is scheduled on Sunday August 12th, NOON - 6PM.


The venue is the same as a few times before. There is free visitor parking on the first level of the garage (space is rather limited but just drive in, park and get a visitor pass to put on your dashboard from security), plus there are spots available for street parking. Worst case scenario, there is lots of parking around the area within a few minutes walk - though of course, drop the equipment off first so you don't have to carry it.


The usual meet details:


There is no strict entrance fee, but I will try to put together a raffle at $5/ticket. Prizes this time include a custom pair of RCA-RCA cables, a pair of KSC-75 headphones and a FiiO E10!  Please participate for a ticket or few to help cover the costs of organizing the meet (mostly cost of party room rental and scotch) and maybe you'll end up taking a nice prize home.  If others would like to donate something to be raffled off, that is always appreciated.


As always, bring power bars - there are never enough!  Expect to not have too much table space, but we'll do the best we can.
If anybody is a photographer, it would be great to bring a camera and take photos, always fun! :)
There will be a small bar at one end of the room, away from the equipment tables.  I will have some good scotch for people to enjoy (I'm a huge fan of scotch and it's always a pleasure to share), beyond that it's a BYOB event and I welcome (and greatly encourage) any connoisseurs and other appreciators of drinks to bring something for us to taste as well, it would be very much appreciated.  Of course, bear in mind that this is a HEADPHONE meet with quite a bit of equipment, and is to be treated as such (well... that's usually the plan, though experience teaches us that after a few hours of enjoying music, people tend to enjoy drinks and conversation more).  I have not had any problems with having a small bar at the previous meets, I expect this guideline to continue, please aim to keep it this way.  As a general rule regarding drinks - keep it at the bar or in your hand, NEVER on an equipment table.
As a special bonus, some of my favorite painters, Brooke Opatowski and Jonathan Hiltz will be showcasing a couple of their paintings at the meet, very excited! :)
Please reply if you can make it, it would be great to see everybody there.
Current guest list:
chris j (maybe)
d67351 (maybe)
d.n.d. (maybe)
jono454 (maybe)
tdunks (maybe)
poodytang (maybe)
vinyl addict (maybe)
happywater (maybe)
big b

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Hey, hey, hey Pavel - let me be the first to kick this off.  Always look forward to your meets

and will most definitely be there god willing.  I will have some new cans to bring, but will

probably limit my gear somewhat to allow others to show off.  Keep us all posted!!!

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Im in again, got a new toy, the HE-400, since the last meet.


Aug 26th is good for me as it should be a day off for me!

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Your meets are always a must for me!

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Ah, great to hear such wonderful response from the regulars! I'm trying to arrange a little surprise appearance at this meet, something artistic in the works. :)


Being the most impatient person in the world, I'd love to host it on the 12th and it would be great to have people aim for that. If there are a lot of complications, definitely could switch over to the 26th of course.


Bryan, I only have 2 requests - your presence at the meet and the Stax Omega 2 :) K1000's are always great too.

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I would be able to do the 12th as well (another day I already know i have off) ... My fiancee will probably come again as well

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I think I can do the 12th.


Had a GREAT time last time!



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I will be there for sure

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I'll try to be there on 12nd.
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Thanks for the PM Bryan. Can't guarantee but I'll try to make this one.


It sucks that a lot of my equipment is heavy and cumbersome. I can bring my cans though, and the Peak/Volcano for sure.

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Great to hear you guys are having another meet! I'm not in Toronto currently so won't be able to make this one. But enjoy the gear, scotch and fine company!

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Wish I could make it but it won't be possible.


Have fun guys!

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I would have loved to be there.  I have never been to a meet before and I have been here (Toronto) since July 10th but I will be flying back to Hong Kong just two days before this meet.  Oh well, maybe in a couple of years when I come back (home) again I'll try to time it accordingly. gs1000.gif

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Really gonna try and make this one - missed the last 2 (3?) with business or family engagements.


The 12th would work best for me, but I may be able to make the 26th.  I'll try to bring my new super 7 for listening.

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