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Budget under 70$ IEMs?

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I had a pair of Klipsch Image S3's and the cable broke (can't hear much now) so I'm not open to buying another pair of Klipsch.


95% of my music is from the last 10 years, some of it is in lossless but the majority is in MP3. I plan on listening from my laptop and my iPod.


I listen to mostly (80%) pop-punk and newer punk rock with a few folk rock, noise rock, and alternative/indie bands thrown in. some of it is "rough around the edges" but some of it is pretty polished. I don't know much about warm/bright sound so I can't really say what I prefer. The music I like is generally pretty fast and guitar-driven, though I do listen to some piano-driven slower music. 


I liked the sound of the Klipsch, but my main issue with it was that the vocals were placed too far back and the mids/highs were lacking. The bass was absolutely perfect (not too overpowering but not too muddy).


What are some suggestions for budget IEM's? Thanks!

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I have been using a pair of Monster Ncredible N-ergy IEM's and enjoying the heck out of them. They have a wonderful midrange and treble with bass that is just right, not to bassy and not to heavy. They also have a great sound stage and imaging. They come is a well designed package with the usual suspects for accessories. They are a flat tangle resistant cable and have a mic button that most smart phones will recognize for calls, pausings, fast forward, and replay. They retail for $69 and can be found for around $60 in the US. I you live near a Walmart or Bestbuy you should be able to buy and return them if unhappy with the sound.

Personally I think they have one of the nicest sounds at their price point I have ever heard. For me the rival several IEM's I own that cost 2-4 times as much. I am listening to them as I type this. These have become one of most listened to IEM's.

Ok enough promotion by me smily_headphones1.gif

If you do try them please post your experience good or bad in the thread I have created for these, so others can get more information from people using these.
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Looking at the kind of music you listen to, you won't go wrong with the vsonic gr04 flagship or the
gr06. They're quite cheap if you get then from If you like deep, hard hitting bass, go with the latter. If you prefer a more neutral, balanced sound, go with the former. For their respective prices, they have good resolution and smooth albeit slightly forward mids. Soundstage is also great for both.
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