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For Sale:
APL NWO 4.0SE CD/SACD Player Price Reduction!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

APL Hi-Fi State of the Art Rebuilt Esoteric X-01 CD/SACD Transport/Player. Model is the APL NWO 4.0 SE

Features of player:

VRDS-NEO transport - the only other player featuring this transport remains their top-line P-01 digital transport, nothing else.
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) mounted on bottom of the VRDS - modification of the DSP board is very extensive and includes the replacement of 70 surface-mounted capacitors, new clock, signal re-routing so certain processors are eliminated from the signal path for better purity.
APL DAC assembly - data/clocks are upsampled to 195KHz/32bit (lowered from 211KHz because of better end-result) regardless of the input format, so the DACs "see" 195/24 at all times. Everything is also re-clocked with super-precision second clock. 20 DACs per channel working in 10xDifferential (balanced) configuration; this significantly lowers noise, distortion and differential errors. The AKM DACs working in 10X parallel exhibit very low out-of-band noise so analog filter is redundant.
DAC is DC-coupled to the balanced tube output stage (no capacitors). The H-Attenuator is unique because it is not on the direct signal path. "H" stands for Hybrid because 40db are analog and 40db digital attenuation. Since 40db covers the usual listening level range, the digital attenuation is unused most of the time which prevents data truncation occurring with digital attenuation.
The tube stage is balanced driving Lundahl audio output transformers so the analog signal coming from the DAC outputs passes one tube and the output transformer only.

Superb player and in mint condition. Only reason for selling is because I am purchasing an APL DAC.
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