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Need help deciding on headphones

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Hi Everyone,


So I'm trying to buy a pair of headphones that can have a max cost of around $370 or so and have no idea which ones to get. To be honest I want to use them for more daily use. For those of you wondering why I might spend so much on daily use headphones its because I have the opportunity to buy a pair with a cap of $370 but that doesn't mean if I buy for less I get the difference so I thought might as well just go for one closest to the max range. To be honest I know as much about headphones as a an elementary kid knows about calculus..so yea :D. I have been reading around trying to find what is good what is bad, looking at reviews and what not but I feel I do not know enough about headphones not just technical stuff but also brands that I will be able to make the right choice. So I am here looking for advice :). 


I was thinking of getting the B&W P5, they look good and a lot of people have said good things about them but then I was thinking of the Bose QC15 because I feel the noise cancelling aspect might be nice. Then there are also the AKG 550 and some others. So I come to you guys for some help to figure out which headphone I should get. 



The type of music I listen to has a pretty big range, at least I think so, can be from something like country to classical all the way to house, to all the main stream stuff, except rap..I don't really find that appealing to my ears. Any ways i was looking for headphones that will give me the best sound quality, for the price range, aren't extremely huge (thought this isn't a huge factor) something portabl, and have a nice clean look to them. 


Was wondering if someone could help differ on the ear vs around the ear. I would like them to be closed for the fact that I don't really like disturbing others, if they are open preferably one that is very very minimal.


Again I do apologize for my lack of knowledge, this is actually the first time I'm getting a pair of headphones in this type of price range...its actually the first time I'm getting headphones haha, normally I just get those cheap ear bud things to attach to my iphone.


Thanks  a bunch people :) I appreciate all the help I can get please don't limit yourself to explaining only the specific headphones I have mentioned since I don't even know that many I would rather you tell me which would be a good choice also remember my range is around $370.


Thanks Again :)


Edit: Would be nice if the headphones didn't make my ears super sweaty but again that's not the biggest thing

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Study up on the Fostex T50RP

They will be my next headphone purchase.

Good Luck, Jim
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what are u going to play the music from...?


for a first headfone, it v hard to go wrong on the NEW philips uptown..its inexpensive but great for many genres.

sounds good out from my ipad, handfone...and scales well on my bigger amps.


and u get change to get a good dac like the dacportLX..plug it into your laptop and u have a killer combo within your budget.


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I was in the same boat as you before I bought my Grado 325is. I looked at the B&W and I thought they sounded good. I went back to the store yesterday and listened to the P5s again. I used the same source that I use my Grado's on. There was a night and day difference. The Grados sound like your there and the P5s sound like your in another room. I also listened to other headsets they had and none of them could compare.

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The Audio Technica ES10 are very good sounding for portable use and  they are well built, the other headphones like V-Moda M80, Philips Fideleo L1, Ultrasone Pro900 are highly detailed yet fun to listen with good punchy bass.

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Well actually I don't get change :P its an upper bound on cost but I don't get the difference if its less.

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