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Incipio f38, Superlux HD681 (or 668), or Razer Orca's? HELP!

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I'm trying to choose between these headphones. I'm new to head-fi and looking for a pair of nice sounding headphones to get me started. My budget is $56. Also, no biased reviews, and only suggest headphones in this price range please!! Thank you!

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What do you plan to do with these headphones? gaming, music, etc. And what kind of music do you listen to?

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If you're a big listener of EDM I would suggest the Razer Electra's. I finished writing my review on them not to long ago, great budget oriented headphone that will fit your price range Thadious.


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I listen to Hardcore Punk, Acoustic, Thrash, Ska, Ska-Punk, Indie, garage rock, classic rock, some Classical. Basically everything from The Decemberists-The Locust. Also, I will use these for music, computer use (music, games), games (tf2, Left 4 Dead series, basically valve games), and Possibly my PS3. Also as a side note, I do like clarity in the bass (Ska has crazy awesome bass lines) and non-recessed mids and highs. So basically I like bass but I like having the WHOLE spectrum more. I've pretty much narrowed it down to the Incipio's (portability, rave reviews) and the CAD MH310 (closed back, good sound quality). I prefer closed back for riding the bus, and listening to music on trips and while my bro is on the PS3 which is right next to the computer.

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For those genre's I would suggest the Sennheiser HD 429 or the Panasonic HTF600.

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To much. $56 is all I got.

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I'd have to say the Panasonic. More comfortable then the Superlux and you can buy velour pads for only $20 more. Plus it fits the genre of music you listen to.

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Originally Posted by EpicPie View Post

The HTF600 is $30 shipped from amazon.


I have to agree with this. It fits your musical genres and isn't bad for gaming. Plus it's more comfortable then the Superlux and you can buy velour pads which enhance the comfort AND the sound for only $20 more. 

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woops. accidental post

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I was looking at these, many people seemed to have a problem with build quality. I read somewhere the top band snapped? I think I'm mis-quoting but more people then I'm comfortable with have had build problems. What do you guys think of the CAD MH310 and the Incipio's? Can we concentrate on these? I have been going back and forth between many different headphones for about 2 weeks now haha!

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I have the ace mp-68 version of the incipios. If you get those, I recommend removing the foam that covers the driver and do the bluetak mod. It's explained here. http://www.head-fi.org/t/485660/review-fischer-audios-fa-004/165           Look around for maxel retro dj and ace version of the headphones. With your budget you could get two, maybe even three maxel's :D There are quite a few problems with incipios though. I find the soundstage to be small. I preferred hd681 for classical over the aces. Soundstage is good enough for non competitive gaming. My ace's are definately not the most comfortable headphones in the world. Cup's are small to begin with and after removing the foam my ears touch the plastic grille in front of the driver. I don't use them for extented periods but for someone who does this could become a problem. Stuffing in the headband is also thin. Im fine with it but my girlfriend says it hurts her head. That is nothing to be worried about...looking at the pictures the structure of the headband seems to vary between different versions (ace, incipio, fa-004 etc..) My ace's also leak noice. Isolation is decent but people around you might be able to hear your music, even with fairly low volumes. It might be an issue with me wearing glasses, but the headphones just dont seal my ears in properly and the music leaks out. Not as bad as open headphones but as far as closed cans go...it's bad.  For public use I think Koss prodj100 would suit you better. Fit's your budget. CAL! was also cheap while ago, but now it's 99$ on amazon. I haven't heard koss or cal! myself but reviews have been very good. Build of the ace headphones is very simple...which is great. Not many moving parts, less risk of breaking them. Ace's are are my on the go headphones for that reason. Even though headphones don't fold, they go in a small space. I won't go on describing how they sound, you have obviously done your homework :) All I can say, theyre as good as people say. Bottom line is: If you have a huge head, incipios might not be for you. If sound leakage is a problem, look somewhere else. If you can live with those issues I'd say choose incipios over cad's. I doubt there is significant difference in sq, so I'd say portability and price is a dealbreaker here. And again, I Highly recommend modding the incipios :)

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The Koss DJ100 is really more of a closed back Grado SR60. Uses the same driver. Has a forward midrange.
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I'm looking at them right now. I thinking I might get these. I can't tell, is the silver part on the arms and earcups metal or plastic?

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Still can't decide, ATH-M30's or the Incipio. I will be ordering Thursday!

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