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Review: Razer Electra

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Drivers: 40 mm neodymium magnets with copper-clad aluminum voice coil

Frequency Response: 25 – 16,000 Hz

Impedance: 32 Ω

Sensitivity @1kHz: 104 dB ± 3 dB

Input Power: 50 mW

Cable length: 1.3m rubber sheath cable

Connector: 3.5 mm gold-plated headphone jack

Inner Ear Cup Diameter: 55 mm / 2.16”

Cable Length: 1.3 m / 4.27 ft

Weight: 284 g / 0.63 lbs



Frequency response: 100 – 10,000 Hz

Signal to Noise Ratio: 58dB

Sensitivity (@1kHz): -44 dB +/-4 dB

Pick Up pattern: Omni-Directional


Build Quality & Comfort:

The Electra is constructed primarily of a nice matte black plastic. The driver housing also folds upward for added portability and features a detachable cable with a notch lock design to prevent the headphone cable from getting pulled out.




The headphone it's self feels very solid and well built.


The headband is made from leatherette and has foam padding covered with mesh fabric on the underside.


The earpads are made from a softer leatherette than the one used on the headband and is stuffed with a very squishy foam underneath to help form a good seal around your ears for better sound isolation.


The driver housing also pivots to help contour to your head for added comfort.


After wearing the Electra for a few hours to write out this review I haven't gotten any discomfort from the weight or felt any pressure from the earpads pressing against my head and ears.



The bass on the Electra is quite impressive from a 40mm driver, bass and sub-bass goes quite deep providing a seismic sound for the more bass heavy EDM and IDM genre's without drowning out the midrange or highs while still giving you a nice rumbling feel on your ears. basshead.gif



The mids sound neutral without lacking energy or sounding completely forward. Vocals sound full bodied, lush, and warm bringing forth plenty of detail and emotion.



The highs are overall smooth, not airy or incredibly detailed like an open backed headphone. Hi-hats and snares along with other higher pitched synthy sounds you find in electronic music doesn’t sound incredibly bright, they have a nice audible presence without the need to find yourself analyzing the music to hear smaller details.



The soundstage is decent for being a closed back headphone without sounding artificial though it won’t compare to Ultrasone’s S-Logic or soundstage presented with an open backed headphone. You can hear a good amount of detail from the direction sound is coming from even though distance is small you’re still able to distinguish the position of the sounds.



At a $60 MSRP the Razer Electra is quite the fun and enjoyable headphone to listen to while being budget oriented backed up with surprisingly good sound quality and ergonomics from a gaming peripheral manufacturer. The Electra best compliments the wide genre spectrum of Electronic Dance Music more than any other genre of music solely due to its sound signature.


The Electra has taken its place as a new favorite EDM headphone in my collection. smily_headphones1.gif


The Razer Electra can be found for purchase here:


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Good review! But I still think that these along with Orca's are relatively overpriced, though they are still good sounding.
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Newegg had open box pairs of these for $26 a couple days ago... sold out in just a day. I should've grabbed one if they were decent.

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Originally Posted by Supertoaster View Post

I think $60 is pretty cheap for good sounding headphones. Not sure how it would be overpriced lol.

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Bump lol.

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I had a chance to listen to a friend's pair of these for an hour or so... Initial impressions:



Rather V shaped signature.  Bass is very present and can be felt on more bass heavy tracks. Not as tight or accurate as I'd prefer.  Not too bloated or flabby like I was expecting from an advertised 'bassy' headphone in this price range.


Mids are a bit recessed compared to the bass/highs for me.  They have a very warm, lush sound but without the tonal accuracy I'm used to.  Listening to Chris Botti, the trumpet and male vocals of  Mark Knopfler sounded not right.  Still warm and lush, but just not the same tone as I get from the headphones I use.  I find it hard to describe what is wrong with them, it may just be the too-present bass stopping them from clearly singing out in front of the rest of the music.


Highs are fairly well presented.  Definite V shaped sound, but the highs don't get sibilant or harsh at all.  I say V shaped, but it's more heavy bass, somewhat recessed mids, and fairly neutral highs, I would guess.  I don't get any real sense of energy out of female vocals or higher pitched piano melodies, and they lack the warmth of the mids.


They have a fairly typical closed back sort of boxed in-ness. The soundstage is fairly good, but the separation between instruments is not great. I miss feeling that sense of space in the music... I find it somewhat fatiguing (personally, I'm very strange like this) to listen to music with poor separation.  Takes so much more effort to pick out individual instruments than I'm used to. :(


The fit is quite snug, but they have a good seal, with good isolation and low leakage.  My friend reported some discomfort due to excess clamping after half an hour or so.  I did not experience this (but I feel other circumnaural phones like my beyers can't really get tight enough).   I did find that after 30 or so minutes when the pads compressed, my ears were making contact with the driver, which was very uncomfortable.


My thoughts:

I'm not too familiar with many headphones in this price range (mostly listen to a lot more expensive cans, which explains why I pick out so many things I see wrong ;)) but the sound seems fairly decent, if a bit bassy.  They are quite clear sounding (not a great amount of detail, though) and would probably sound quite decent for listening to bass heavy music.  The soundstage should be pretty good for gaming at this price too.


If you want to focus on gaming, and enjoy bassy rap/hip hop or something on the side, these should be decent if you don't experience any discomfort with them.

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Great to hear someone elses impressions on the Electra with other genre's of music. :)

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