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For Sale: FS: Sennheiser HD650 Headphones --FURTHER REDUCED

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For Sale:
FS: Sennheiser HD650 Headphones --FURTHER REDUCED

Will Ship To: Anywhere

These are stock, about 2 yrs. old and have been used for less that sixty hours.  They are everything that has been said about them, but remember that they are tonally refined and sound the very best when powered by a dedicated headphone amp (and still better with a high-quality amp, and better still when the stock cords have been replaced with a boutique cord).  The 'phones are in very fine condition, perfectly functional, and unblemished by cosmetic defects.  I moved residence in December and had to toss out all of those retail boxes that I had been hoarding, "just in case I decide to sell."  Thus, while the HD650s will be exceedingly well packaged, they will not come with the retail box.


I'm torn about this sale, but I have just made a camera purchase and -- turnation! -- one cannot keep every delightful toy one owns, especially when funding a new toy ransacks the checking account.


The final price will include shipping COSTS with tracking to destinations in the CONUSA.  It will also be inclusive of Paypal fees.  I will ship these internationally, but I adhere to the policies detailed in the note below.  If multiple buyers contact me I am scrupulous in selling first-come-first-served -- but be sure that you expressly state that you're committing to the purchase.  I can't hold the phones for a member who makes an inquiry about cost or shipping and then takes umbrage when the next pm is from a member who is committing to a sale.  I trade contact details including phone numbers with all individuals I trade with: the information protects you as much as it does me.


Old feedback can be read here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/86473/catachresis


I'll have photos up shortly, but we should all have a good idea of what they look like.



Guesstimation of international postal rates _before_ a sale is always a pain. I am very pleased to check multiple shippers for the best pricing _after_ a buyer has committed to a purchase. Otherwise, I spend too much time researching shipping options, only to be told that the potential buyer isn't interested if shipping is "that expensive."

I encourage you to check USPS.com, UPS.com, and Fedex.com yourself to get a sense of what the typical shipping rates are. Be aware that with US Mail service, I cannot get insurance if I don't send the package by a shipping method that is at least as fast as international priority post. US Post simply won't insure a package sent by airmail.

Check the flat-rate costs offered by the principal shippers. The final cost is usually cheaper if I hand-pack the item in a smaller box. Nonetheless, that is your base estimation.

I have to insist on insurance for international packages, I'm afraid. Less than a year ago, the classic Exposure amp that I had listed on Headfi was shipped and then **Lost** by Fedex. It had tracking and was insured--fortunately for me, or I would have been ?X!**ed. The final destination was New York City, and after returning the buyer's money and waiting two months for my own refund, I didn't make a penny, and was out for the cost of all the preparation and anxiety and hassle.

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Photos are up.  Thanks!

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Note: Much as I'd like to make a trade for some tweaky new cans, I'm having to restrict this to a sale. Cheers!
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you got pm

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These have been purchased.  Thanks for the interest!

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