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For Sale: HiSound RoCoo BA

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For Sale:
HiSound RoCoo BA

Will Ship To: CONUS

I was a winner in the TTVJ and HiSound Auction earlier this year. I got the unit for $150, which is exactly what I'm selling it for. This is much, much lower than the current retail price. It has great sound and decent battery life, but I find the UI and lack of locking option too much trouble for a device I'd bought for portability and convenience.

You can read on some threads that some users have experienced some hiss with sensitive iems. I noticed this with some, but not all of my iems. Still I think any potential buyer should know there have been some issues.

Paypal only, thank you. I will only ship with tracking and insurance. The listed price is just for the device. I'll PM the total to interested buyers as this will vary by location.
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Excellent price on a very nice player!

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