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Originally Posted by Wildcatsare1 View Post

Grill less, I have car grills in mine, actually come too think of it, they were a recommendation from Thurston! I did really like my 560's naked, but for safety sake I added open grills. What do you prefer about the open grill sound?

Thurston, good luck on changing laptop screens, definitely out of my league, unless it comes as a whole and you just have to wire it together (or since your a fellow Southerner Duct Tape will do) ūüėú, and attach the hinges, then I might give it a shot. Let me know how it goes, my youngest Daughter spilled something on mine, and one of the corners is a wee bit funky, so if it's not difficult, I'll give it a shot.

I do like those Custom Car Grill aluminum grills, so they may get switched back in eventually, just to keep it interesting.  Glad they're working out for ya :beerchug:  And I pay tribute to the Head-Fier who first mentioned them!


Thanks.  I've disassembled a few laptops to do repairs or replace dying components, so I can do the mod, just hoping it'll work.  There's evidence it does, and the replacement part is seemingly identical in dimension and design to what I'm staring at right now.


I know about spilling things on laptops.  I was Skyping with my future wife when I knocked over a glass of wine onto an old HP Pavilion.  Ended up buying a system board from a FL eBayer.  The board was from Poland, I think (had -PL at the end; definitely from Europe).  One RAM slot is flaky, so I'm stuck at 2 GB, but damned if it's not still running.  And it's new name: Drunken Laptop :D  We still smile about it when I drag it out for occasional use.


If you can track down the Maintenance/Service Manual for yours, and then feel confident about disassembling it, it's doable, as long as you can find the part(s).  There are a couple good sites for laptop screens.

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^ It's an ASUS, do you know a good source for parts and potentially a service manual? So Thurston, is your Wife European? Mine is Ukranian, though we meet here in the States. She was my Nurse after one of my many knee operations, when she gave me that shot of Dilauded, it was love, or at least something close too it. We Skype with my In-Laws frequently.
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Originally Posted by ThurstonX View Post


I'll try to find the pix of my other pair of grills that use a different color.


Perspex.... uh oh.  Time for you to do the 'splainin'.  I know what it is (had to learn, being a fan of Robyn Hitchcock; see, Perspex Island).  Most Yanks won't know.

Lol, oops that's a kleenex moment right there. Perspex is a local acrylic supplier.

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