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SONY MDR-ZX600 or Sennheiser HD239?!

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hello :)

I've been searching for some portable over ear, or on ear headphones to be used with my Ipod for general music listening. I listen to mostly reggae/funk/acoustic music so I want my headphones to have a good bass response, but not too heavy, and clear mids and highs. From the research I've done, I've managed to narrow my search down to the SONY MDR-ZX600 or the Sennheiser HD239. Can anyone help me decide between them or recommend a better pair all together?



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I´m just proving my ZX-600 purchased yesterday and the only thing to say is: poor, very very poor bass response, and bad, very very bad sound separation. It´s like they only dealed with the mid-high frequency, an even there the sound is not cristal at all, but grainy. I can swear they are a machine of producing head-ache. The stranger thing is that I had the chance to prove the ZX-500 in the shop and those ones performed (and looked) far better than the ZX-600, but unfortunately they were out-of-stock, so I decided to pick-up this ones thinking they were an update... What a mistake, my friend !


Anyway, provided that the ZX-600 are a crap, and that the ZX-500 are not suited for portable devices (due to its 70 ohm spec), for sure I would go for a Sennheiser HD-429/439 if I demanded a rich bass-response, and for a HD-449 if I wanted a more neutral/natural one (wich is my case). In fact, I´m planning to give the Sony´s back on next monday, and pick-up the HD-449.


And regarding the HD-239, for sure I trust the brand but I find 2 invoneniences to this specific model: the transducer is open (opossite to the HD4XX) so that you would disturb other people in public transport and quiet rooms like librarys, and I find them a bit small to fit comfortably my ears (and be advised that, the small the drive diameter is, the poorest bass-response you get).


My conclussion is: Go for a Sennheiser and forget that Sony toys.

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