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For Sale: Omega Super 8 Alnicos Full Range

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Omega Super 8 Alnicos Full Range

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought it from the original owner about a month ago

i would keep these speakers but their sizes are too big to be my desktop speakers


comes with the matching Skylan stands which costs $510.00

these speakers sound so good its like listening to headphones




*beautiful rosewood veneer

truely great speakers for the money


Local Pickup or we split the shipping fee


would prefer to sell but all trades will be considered

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price drop to $1600

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Where are you located?

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Toronto Canada 

we could split the shipping cost by the way

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I have a feeling that'd cost a fortune from Canada. While I'd really like to hear them I keep having to remind myself there's a reason I'm on Head-fi...people around my apartment don't like speakers.

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shipping to us should be around $300

if you pay maybe $100 i will take care of the rest

just so you know, full range speakers are the right choice if you dont listen too loud

two way speakers can play louder but full range speakers generally sound better because there is no passive crossover

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PRICE DROP to $1500

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Hi, are these still available? thanks.

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