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I'm trying to figure that out too.

I'm using the Beyer EDT 200 Velour ear pads on my Panasonic RP-HTF600-S headphones.

I believe the EDT 200 is the Velours that are used on the Beyer DT250.




It looks like the Pearstone have a smaller opening. Along with a piece of fabric on the back of the pads unlike the Beyerdynamic which is just a ring. Maybe a bit harder to put on then the Beyerdynamic.

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I purchased the Sony V6 about 2 weeks ago from B&H.  I wanted a closed circumaural headphone that sounded good.  Based on many reviews I read, it was these or the ATH M50.  I decided on these because I read that they were more neutral, which is what I wanted.  


I was never told I have big ears, and I did expect the Sony V6 to enclose my ears.  Sorry to find out that they are not true circumaural for me.  The earcups are not big enough to surround my ears, which causes the padding to push down on the edges of my ears.  This gets painful after a short period.  As far as the sound quality, I was so impressed, I decided to keep them and hope that they got more comfortable.  At the same time, I ordered a set of the velour Beyer ear pads , which I hoped would be more comfortable than the stock Sony.


I received the Beyer pads today and I was disappointed to see that the opening for the ear is even SMALLER than the Sony.  I put them on the headphones and they are not too comfortable, pressing on the edges of my ears even more the the Sony pads.  I am really hoping that they soften up or become more form fitting, otherwise, I guess I wasted $26.00.  There are advantages to the Beyer pads which are well documented (not as sweaty, softer feel, enhance bass response, better isolation, etc) and I found all of these to be true.


Just a word of caution for anyone looking for true CIRCUMAURAL headphones, the V6 would would only qualify for someone who has small ears.  I wish the headphone manufacturers would publish the opening size in the earcup as part of their specifications.  A simple overall height x width of the opening would be very useful. It is really misleading to advertise something as circumaural without giving more information about who they might not work for.


For now I'll live with the V6 as I really like the sound and hope the new Beyer earpads get more comfortable.  After two weeks, I found that the Sony pads did seem to better conform to my ears and head and become more comfortable.  If the Beyer pads don't get better, I'll switch back to the stock Sony.

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I decided to return the Beyer velour pads.  Even though the feel was nice compared to the Sony "pleather", the smaller earhole made them more uncomfortable for me.  I ordered the Auray sheepskin leather pads and will have them on Friday.  I'll let everyone know how they compare in size and quality to the Beyer and stock Sony.  

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