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Audiolab 8220CD in my chain now

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I am very happy to say that I have recently managed to get an Audiolab 8200CD as my source. While I have only had a few hours with this gem, I can tell it is a very good source. My Rega Apollo was a very musical player and I loved it's sound signature very much. For those of you who want detail, but still like a little warmth in there then the Apollo which can now be had second-hand very reasonably is worth considering. Anyway, back to the 8200, this player mines details quite deep into the sound, retriving micro-detail that previously I hadn't been able to get at. Sure, some of this micro-detail isn't what you want anyway, but sometimes it is so being to retrieve it is nice.


The 8200 is voiced to present a very nice and well done forward presentation of the mids and upper/mid bass detail. There is plenty of sub and deep bass response, but it isn't allowed to bloat out of control and obscure detail, it is held within the proper musical scope it should hold. At first I felt there was not enough bass with the 8200 until I got it, and now I get it. The quantity is there, just better controlled and balanced, and this in combination with better quality of bass as well. Very nice stuff. I couldn't get over how well placed and vibrant vocals are with the 8200, espescially considering it has the pluck to place them in a forward way. Forward, but not over-emphasized, just, well right. Listening to Holy Cole singing One Trick Pony was enthralling, her vocals were nice and rich, wet and no sibilance at all, just smooth and dynamic.


Anyway, like everybody, when you have something new that is really making your day you want to talk about it. I am going to do a proper review soon. That said I am in a difficult position as I have changed my amp, my source and added a new headphone (HD 650) into the mix all within a few weeks of each other so describing one thing is difficult because everything has changed. I guess I will just describe the synergy of the chain. Cheers.

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Congragulations on the new CD player. I've got my eye on the M-DAC. I currently have a Peachtree iDAC, but have been lusting for the Audiolab gear since I first laid eyes on their new line.

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Thank you, yes I am very happy so far and anticpate being even more happy when I get my XLR cables so that I can finally listen to my DT880s with the Auditor. I have heard nothing but good things about the Peachtree line so I'm sure you aren't missing anything much at all. What I have noticed with the 8200 is that it lifts the various elements out of the mix more so that the music is more dimensional and holographic. My Rega Apollo was voiced very nicely, but it held everything closer together and was slightly warm which I think is a nice approach, but not as detail retrieving. My ears are starting to get used to the different presentation of the 8200 and I really like the spatial sense it brings to the music.

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Just keeping the thread going and adding new thoughts as I determine I have something worth writing. While I touched on it in the previous posts, I really wanted to speak about how very good the 8200 is at working with all of the detail it retrieves. In describing this to an audiophile buddy of mine I described the 8200 as extracting a great deal of detail, yet rather than allowing this to just become a great deal of really detailed parts, the Audiolab 8200 brings everything into the composition so effortlessly, so naturally. Somehow, despite all of this detail, and the fact that I am amplifying the signal with what on paper may seem like an analytical solid state amp (SPL Auditor), the sound is very organic and rewarding. I have just now finished a few really excellent listening sessions so these impressions are quite fresh.


Just today I picked up the 25th anniversary edition of Paul Simon's Graceland and wow that is some really excellent music, hard to believe that up until now I had never paid any attention to that album. Just in case anybody happens upon this thread and is actually researching the Audiolab 8200CD, the digital filter I have used for all of my listening to date has been the Optimal Transient. Cheers for now.

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Nice plan, but the dust never trully settles, they just make us suffer slowly and for very long periods of time. I think women have a unique gene combination that allows them to inflict an endless amount of psychological suffering. It is worth it anyway, the 8200 is very sweet. I hear that the M-DAC is fantastic. Enjoy.

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