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For Sale: HeadStage Arrow 3G 12HE

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For Sale:
HeadStage Arrow 3G 12HE

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Regrettably, I'm selling my slim, sexy, and extremely seductive Arrow 3G.  It's bittersweet, though, cause I'm looking into getting electrostats for my living room.


I am the original (and only) owner.  It's in mint condition & I've never had one issue with it.  The auto off/on is particularly awesome.  I've meticulously cared for it so there's not a scratch or scuff anywhere.  The battery life is like new.  I can't believe how insanely long it lasts.  I recently clocked it's life after a full charge cycle (from a drained battery) and I comfortably got nearly 40 hours on one charge basshead.gif.  It's only been charged when fully drained too, so there isn't more than 20 cycles on it.


Shipment includes the Arrow amp & USB cable.


-Price includes shipping (worldwide).

-PayPal payment as a gift (or add 4%).

-No trades.


Pics coming soon..

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