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I am on my last straw...

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I have been looking for the right headphone for quite some time and I'm abusing the leniency of Best Buys return policy.  I am looking for an over ear headphone.  I would like Noise Canceling (but I would like them to work without a battery if it runs out or its not on), a single removable 3.5 cord coming from only one side of the headphones, heavy on the bass (a lot of music going through the headphones will be rap), over-ear pads,  and must sound good without an amp (they will be run through a phone or laptop). Under $400. Minus the negative connotation with Beats, I like the amount of bass on the Pro's.  Help, I need advice, I don't where else to go.

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If you legitimately like beats and actually prefer their sound, why do you care what other people think?  (unless there are other negative connotations you're talking about).

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No noise canceling and I want a pair of over ear as I wear glasses and have ear piercings, fatigue/comfort is huge for me.  They clamped my head like a vice grip :)

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You should look into IEM's. Most isolate good and have nice bass. I don't know much else about IEM's but hopefully this helped a little.

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Originally Posted by Supertoaster View Post

You should look into IEM's. Most isolate good and have nice bass. I don't know much else about IEM's but hopefully this helped a little.


I second this thought. The multi-IEM threads should make it somewhat easier to sort out the brands per price and type.

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I do not want in ear, I want over ear.  I also need a single removable 3.5mm audio cord running to one side of the phones.

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i dont think what you are looking for exists, i think the only noise cancelling headphone that can play without batteries is sennheiser pxc450 which will be within your budget but lacks bass quantity, i owned it so i know. and i had an ipod nano 6g and it doesnt have enough power to drive it. your phone and laptop will probably do fine and it does have a single sided detachable 3.5mm cable. i personally would suggest you to get a regular closed back headphone that isolates noise well. also pxc450's noise cancellation is not too good, bose qc15 has much better noise cancellation, you can demo it in best buy. good luck

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Not many choices in noise canceling headphones, that alone limits your options quite a bit. If you are willing to go with a good noise isolating headphones you have a lot more to choose from.


Mind telling us why you want noise canceling specifically, as I can tell you a good pair of closed headphones can isolate a significant amount of noise. I can tell you from experience that a good set of closed headphones or IEM's will isolate well enough that I can't hear people chatting up a storm right next to me on a flight or a long car ride when I play my music at a low volume and can't barely hear them with the music off.

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ok lets remove the noise canceling ability and explore from there... I would like no battery required entirely then. 


I work in rather noisy environments, the less external noise the better :)

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Here you go

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Ultrasone Pro 900 should do the trick.

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Sennheiser HD-25-1 ii ?


They are on-ear, very bassy and sound amazing. Your local Guitar Centre probably have them in stock for 200+tax.

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And BTW for $400 bucks headphone you would want an amp to drive it
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what about that PSB M4U 2 noise cancelling headphone, looks intriguing

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The Phillips Fidelio L1 Looks to fit alot of your criteria.



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