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Anyone own the Cullen-modded ZP90 ?

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AFAIK, this previously required a second purchase from W4S and a some shipping costs:




To my surprise, Len Wallis here in Oz is offering this as a 'turnkey' product - 




1100 AUD still isnt cheap, but if you can avoid purchasing an external reclocker from the likes of Empirical, I assume that's worth the upgrade over the standard ZP90 ? Peachtree dont seem to offer the hidden compartment in their newer integrated DAC/amps, but for those with the older Nova/decco/decco2/idecco models ..... 






Interested to hear from someone who has heard the Cullen-modded version - seems to get rave reviews everywhere else. 

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I think many here view the Sonos as an inferior transport- and the stock unit is not so great save the fantastic interface and ease of use.


I have a Sonos system for the two stereos in my home, one is the Cullen Moded ZP90 and the other is a stock ZP90 with the Empirical Syncromesh reclocker. Briefly, I find the the Cullen Mod to sound very simmilar to the Empirical Syncromesh with a huge improvent in soundstage, immaging and timbre compared to the stock unit through the same DAC's. I find no difference between the Sonos streamed files (ALAC) and the CD, again using the same DACs. Interestingly, I found the sound of the Cullen Mod through the Syncromesh compared to the Cullen Mod alone to be about the same.


Overall I could not be happier with a reclocked Sonos as a transport and find myself wanting for nothing. This is, of course, my impression only. Perhaps those cursed with "golden ears" will have a much different opinion.





MacBook (ALAC files)- Sonos bridge- Cullen Mod ZP90- Burson DA160- Cary Xciter

MacBook (ALAC files)- Sonos Bridge- Stock ZP90- Empirical Syncromesh- Grace m902

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