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CMOBB Gain Question

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I am building a CMOYBB and will be using it with either my Grado SR60s or some generic earbuds. I like the Grados but sometimes the earbuds are more appropriate. I was planning on setting the gain at 6 but before I solder those resistors I might as well ask first. 



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If you want the option of changeable gain, don't solder the resistors onto the PCB.

Use a IC Socket strip, you can cut single sockets out of it. Solder them onto the PCB.

Just cut the wires of the resistors to correct lengths, and plug them in.

Next time you can replace them if you want lesser gain.

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Out of most sources, for Grados and most earbuds, you won't need any gain.  Or do you, in your situation?  That said, with unity gain you may need to be careful with some of the op amp choices, as they may well not be stable.


Why do you even want the CMoy in the first place?  Whatever you're using doesn't have a headphone amp—too high output impedance, can't handle enough current, or do you just feel like a CMoy would be a good addition?

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A couple of things...I like to build things, ukes, guitars, tube guitar amps, bikes and always wanted to get some better sound out of my iPod. So when my Touch got the broken headphone jack-itis I started looking into the CMOYBB as a good project to cure both issues. I am picking up an ALO LOD today, the one with the female jack, some of their SWX cable and some Switchcraft 1/8" plugs. The CMOYBB will then give rise to a 10watt BoomBox companion piece to allow for portability and versitility on and off my job. 


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