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Dynamic in that context is when the headphone sounds it's best. So the HD600 will sound better at the volume levels you listen at.

I think the HD600 would be better for me. Do you think the HRT MusicStreamer II will be good with it or does the HD600 require a better and more expensive DAC?

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Sorry I haven't heard that DAC so won't be able to comment about. I am using a Little Dot DAC1 myself. But happy listening with the HD600 and which ever DAC/setup you get.
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Tough one , I was confused between the two and the got the 650's and I don't regret it.

The price tag ahhhhhh - We also have the 880 and the 701 so really have to listen to the Shure's.

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I had both of them. I sold the srh1440 and keep hd650, because of the bass 

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I have been buying Shure gear for years, and my 1440s just turned 3 years old. Very bright, revealing, and well suited for lower level listening. $300 new from authorized retailers ensures you get warranty prtection, which Shure is great at, but a pair of Sennheisers on sale would be mighty enticing. I often play my 1440s through my Schiit tube amp for a warmer feel, but they sound great with minimal driving force.
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