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For Sale: Artisan Ultimate Silver Interconnects

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For Sale:
Artisan Ultimate Silver Interconnects

Will Ship To: Lower 48

Artisan Ultimate Silver Interconnect

I have just one set left - 1/2 meter pair for $140.
My price is more than sixty percent below retail.
Excellent condition, lightly used and no flaws.

Artisan Ultimate Silver IC consist of eight high-purity silver conductors braided to optimize EMI/RFI rejection and encased in clear Teflon jackets. Cardas SLVR plugs on all ends. Alister (owner of Artisan) built these interconnects w/o heat shrink the way he use to before he started using branded heat shrink. In my system I preferred the Artisan Ultimate's to: Audience AU24, Cardas Neutral Reference, Crimson Music Link, Tellurium Q Black, Analysis Plus Solo Oval, LFD Grainless, DMN Reson, and Mapleshade Golden Helix. http://www.artisansilvercables.com/ultimate.htm

Payment: PayPal
Shipping = $6 USPS lower 48
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Why are they without the name-brand sleeving/heatshrink?

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I had Alister (owner of Artisan) build my interconnects without his branded heat shrink. These are authentic Artisan Interconnects and Alister will have my name/address on file as one of his customers. Heat shrink does provide a little strain relief, but IC's without heat shrink are just fine if they are plugged and unplugged carefully and not pulled hard by the cable - actually this is true of all IC's with or without heat shrink.

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PM sent.

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