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I have run the Denon AHD 7100 with various amps. Fiio E7- alright a bit dull, the inbuilt dedicated headphone AMP from my T&A preamplifier which is a separate unit with separate volume control, which sounds great, very lively, controlled and detailed. As headphone desktop amps I own the Lakepeople G109P and the Lehmann Audio Black Cube. Between those two the Lehmann is by far my favourite. It conveys music in a lot more detail and excitement than the Lakepeople. The Lakepeople has a slight advantage in bass power and control and also has a lower noise floor.This is relevant with my in-ears only.  However the music always feels slightly veiled compared to the Lehmann audio which adds sparkle and insight. I am always surprised by how much more information is dug out from the record by the Lehmann. I have also used the amp with Sennheiser HD600, HD800 (still anaemic imho)and a Hifiman HE500 and the results where similar.