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Poll Results: What do you think of amp recommendations in general?

  • 11% (17)
    Disgustingly not thought out, just recommended from the single amp they have tried
  • 12% (19)
    Poorly thought out, mostly blind brand loyalty
  • 42% (63)
    50/50, a lot of zealots but about the same number of helpful recommendations
  • 11% (17)
    Mostly people here know what they are saying
  • 15% (23)
    WiR3D is a zealot.
  • 6% (10)
    I disagree with you most things, people can recommend from there own experience, even if it is just the one amp that they own.
149 Total Votes  
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I have run the Denon AHD 7100 with various amps. Fiio E7- alright a bit dull, the inbuilt dedicated headphone AMP from my T&A preamplifier which is a separate unit with separate volume control, which sounds great, very lively, controlled and detailed. As headphone desktop amps I own the Lakepeople G109P and the Lehmann Audio Black Cube. Between those two the Lehmann is by far my favourite. It conveys music in a lot more detail and excitement than the Lakepeople. The Lakepeople has a slight advantage in bass power and control and also has a lower noise floor.This is relevant with my in-ears only.  However the music always feels slightly veiled compared to the Lehmann audio which adds sparkle and insight. I am always surprised by how much more information is dug out from the record by the Lehmann. I have also used the amp with Sennheiser HD600, HD800 (still anaemic imho)and a Hifiman HE500 and the results where similar. 

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I have Fostex TH600 and would like add a Project Sunrise III to amps that pretty good with this headphones.

I also have Audio-GD NFB-11. It's good with TH600 but Sunrise are much better then NFB-11 amplifier. Sunrise add a lot of micro details. It have an option to set output impedance to 1.5 Ohm and it's allow to be paired with Fostex TH600.

It's pretty good pairing.

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Just wanted to chime in on this thread with my impressions.

I'm using a D7K with the J$ pads, and I've used a few amps with it, the most premium of which was a Schiit Lyr with Orange tubes (when I was primarily using it to push an old pair of LCD-2's). The Denon/Lyr to me sounded just OK. It's probably not a good match as some others have claimed, which is why I vastly preferred the the FIIO E10 to it, a bit to my surprise.  

I can't speak to a broad class of amps since my experience is limited, but using my experience as a basis, a flawed but perhaps useful way to describe it:

The sound quality delta between using an LCD-2 straight off of a computer jack and using the Lyr was just a bit more dramatic than the sound quality delta between the D7K straight off of a computer jack and using the E10. I really heard a large improvement in dynamics and punch from the ~70$ E10. If I had to rank the different permutations possible, I came down on

D7K+E10 ~= LCD-2+Lyr > LCD-2+E10 > D7K+Lyr > D7K(straight) > LCD-2(straight)


Of course, caveats being different power requirements, different headphone driver topology, etc. But, what I'm trying to say is that the bang/buck equation above really makes the E10 look like a champion. Though it's not the subject of the thread, it actually did admirably driving the LCD-2 (!!). I enjoyed the D7K/E10 combo so much that I sold the LCD-2/Lyr. If you've got a DXK headphone and want a great initial amp or have a tight budget, I'll add to the chorus saying that the FIIO amps are a great way to go, particularly the E10. 

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If you like that combo you should try this; Fiio E17 Alpen into E12 Mont blanc then D7K. I'm enjoying that combo right now! The power is great for such a small set up. smily_headphones1.gif i keep looking for an amp with the Amazing synergy with the dk7 but this little combo sounds great to me.
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Has anybody here tried the Bakoon HPA-01 with Fostex TH-900s???

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Geek Out 450 is 0.47Ohm and sounds amazing with my D5000s. Much better than the Dragonfly 1.2 (which doesn't have good synergy with D5000s due to fatigue) or the Audioengine D1 / D3.

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Breaking out some thread necromancy here, in hopes of some updated feedback...


My iBasso D1 with HiFlight TopKit is getting more than a little long in the tooth. It's a wonderful match with my Lawton-modded D2000, and considerably more enjoyable a listening experience than the iBasso D7 (murky and bass-heavy) or the Benchmark DAC1 (grainy, harsh).


I'm concerned about seeing the DAC1 listed as a recommended component on the first page of this thread, as I really didn't enjoy it. I tried a bunch of different cabling options, as well as vibration handling tweaks, all of which made a surprising difference, but I just never enjoyed the experience, and went back to the iBasso D1.


So this makes me also a little wary of the recommendations of the Yulong D100 mk2, as the specs seem very similar to the Benchmark, even down to how all sample rates are reclocked to 110kHz. Maybe the headphone amp section is a better match for the Denons than the Benchmark was? Any other thoughts there?


I'm certainly keen on the $500-or-so price point for DAC and amp. Desk space is a consideration, so I'm not over thrilled with having to buy separate units when I'll only ever be using a digital source and the Denons. Nice to be able to rule out other options. Anyone know how the Yulong D200 might compare? Other sub-$1000 options that work well?

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Great thread !


I have come back to this thread over and over.  


Has anyone tried the Denon DXXXX with the Gustard H10 ? Impressions ?



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Anyone have any idea how the Denon LA2000 would fare with the Burson Conductor? I've read a lot about it, but there seems to be very few who have paired it with even stock Denons. I'm looking at one of these for a very pleasant price (also with the latest USB module, if that's of any relevance - I will not be using toslink or coax), and I'm wondering if it'd be a good match. I also own the Philips Fidelio X1, but these are in general very forgiving when it comes to source.

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Hey guys very useful thread.


I have a pair of Denon AH-600s, which I use with my Xonar U7 line out to my FiiO E18 amp. It sounds good, but I think it can sound better.


I'm thinking of two options:


1. Keep the DAC, and use Project Headbox S Black as the amp:



2. Get the Matrix Mini I DAC/Amp on massdrop:



Just wondering what you think will get me the better improvement in SQ.



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