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Poll Results: What do you think of amp recommendations in general?

  • 11% (17)
    Disgustingly not thought out, just recommended from the single amp they have tried
  • 12% (19)
    Poorly thought out, mostly blind brand loyalty
  • 42% (63)
    50/50, a lot of zealots but about the same number of helpful recommendations
  • 11% (17)
    Mostly people here know what they are saying
  • 15% (23)
    WiR3D is a zealot.
  • 6% (10)
    I disagree with you most things, people can recommend from there own experience, even if it is just the one amp that they own.
149 Total Votes  
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FYI I have my D7000's paired with a Burson Soloist SL and seems to me to be a very nice combo.  Very pleased with it.  I can only assume that it would work very well with your D5000's.


Also, just purchased a pair of new pads for the D7000 from Lawton audio about 5 weeks ago.  While the price was a bit steep (at least for me) the pads I received are very nice.  It took a couple of weeks to get them but he was very pleasant to deal with and let me know the timeline of when they will be shipped etc.

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I always listened to my old LA2000 with a Burson HA-160D.  I think they are a pretty good deal at their current used prices, but of course they have been replaced with better models.


As for the pads, I had a paid of Lawton Audio angle pads and I found them to be very pleasant.  The way they angle the drivers made me stop using the crossfeed circuit on my old Meyer Audio amp and move on to Beta22 and Burson.  Alternatively, Lawton Audio used to sell replacement pads and he may still have some on the website.  You could always email Mark and ask him.

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Hello. Im looking for cheap but good AMP/DAC combo for my modded Denon D2000.


Here are some choices that should be available for me. Im from Finland but ebay helps greatly.


-Objective2/such thing + ODAC (Most expensive but if its truly best among these?)


-Audinst HUD-MX1


-Yulong U100 


-Matrix Cube


-Matrix Rip (Cheapest but looks cool)


-Maverick Audio D1 


-iBasso D4/D42 (I dont like its small size but)


Also I'd prefer not to buy separate op amps or anything. I just want simple set that works. But if there are upgrades available I must buy them, lol. Thats one reason I like o2 as it is. Also I dont want anything truly "portable" like Fiio. Thanks.

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I made my decision and maybe it helps someone. But notice that amps available for you might be totally different and prices too, though I used ebay.com.


Many good amps were not available at all or they had too high output impedance or I just didn't like them small size. Often output impedance was almost impossible to find so I just had to guess.. I wanted proper volume switch etc. Even though this is my first real headphone amp/dac.


But I decided to order Yulong U100 from Asia for less than 150 euro (+customs duties which I hope to be small as possible..). Why? Excellent specs and ratings, apparently very low output impedance, simpleness and no op amp changes are even possible for me to stress. It wasn't my favourite in terms of looks and not even the cheapest. I found some other good candidates after my post as well, like XiangSheng DAC-01A which is cheaper version of Maverick Audio D1. 


Then I'll make a quick comparison to all these other amps, don't get mad because I have never used any of them so I can't really know anything :D But still. Objective2 is excellent choice, but should not be any better than Yulong and is more expensive and not available for good price right now. Also I dont like its front panel power cable location. Audinst, too high output impedance and Yulong should sound better with any headphones. MX2 version is better but looks ugly and still lot more expensive. Matrix Cube is excellent choice as I found it for less than 150 euro too. But Yulong apparently sounds more accurate and is cheaper too. Matrix Cubes op amps can be changed for better though. Matrix Rip, I couldn't find anything from it so I just deleted it from my list. Cube should be superior. Maverick Audio, many like it and many hate it it seems. I couldn't find its output impedance but someone said its high and it might be true. Looks very good and the chinese version was very cheap though. But its sound should not match Yulong's even after op amp (and tube) changes. iBasso, I could only find these (D4/D42) from ebay and they apparently aren't that good so I just skipped them.


And here are some reviews of the Yulong which made me order it. 




Also some guys already use it with Denon headphones and are very happy. I can't wait to test it with my Denon's as I have only used dirty cheap Asus soundcard before with way too high output impedance.

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Wow...that was a long thread...but I read almost every post and understood...some...of it.


I noticed only one mention of my headphones: AH-D600. Those were actually beyond what I'd budgeted but they were such a great combination of excellent sound quality, great comfort and noise isolation that they beat out everything I had an opportunity to listen to (ie: AKG K550, Bowers & Wilkins P7).


I would like to know what experience people have with DACs and amps for the D600.


So far I've just been running them directly off a Samsung Galaxy S4. I would like to also run them off my laptop but I know my soundcard is crap so I would like to try a USB DAC and amp. Most of my headphone listening is at my desk in an office environment so I don't need or want to spend a lot of money. $200 at the outside.


So, you may ask, why do I want an amp in the first place? Well, even though I didn't mortgage the house to buy my cans I'd still like to hear what they are supposed to sound like. I also appreciate quality sound and it just nags at me to think that my headphones could sound better.


And that gets to my last point. They can. I know this because I listened to them on my mom's iPad mini and there seemed to be a significant improvement over my smartphone.


So...Schiit M&M? E17? others?



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Check out the Audioengine D1. Can be had for about $169. Performs above its price point IMHO. Got one for my son. Very nice sounding. Nice, portable USB dac/amp.
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I have been running my D7000's through a Yulong D100 MKII and love it but wonder if I add on an additional modest amp, if it will make any difference.  As is, I can barely turn the volume knob past 9 o'clock.  I was thinking of trying maybe a Schiit Asgard 2 or Yulong U100, or something else along them lines.


Also, would a audio-gd NFB-10WM perform better than the Yulong???


Any opinions/advice or what I should expect, if anything?

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I liked the Audio-Gd NFB10 more than the Yulong when I tested it with a friend. His opinion were the same. Felt sorry for him as he was the owner of the Yulong.

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I owned Yulong D100 Mrk1 and Denon D7000 and liked the pair but wished to buy a seperat amp. Many amps were auditioned during meets, but in the end I preferred Audio-GD NFB10.32 instead of any combo. I was tempted to buy Yulong A100 but could not listen to this amp before purchase.
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Okay, one more question if I can.  Any educated guess on which would sound better with the D7000?


Yulong D100 MKII / Schiit Asgaard 2




Audio-GD NFB10.32





I also like how the extra power would certainly allow me to audition other more demanding cans in the future.


Basically, I am looking for a unit that will outperform the Yulong D100 MKII with the D7000's as well as be capable of driving more demanding headphones as well.  The Yulong handicaps me in that regard.  I'm looking to spend around $750 max on the used market.

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The NFB10 can power a HE-6 (to listening levels not 'great SQ' levels' so...


And I think in this thread or somewhere else it says that the Asgard doesn't provide enough dampening for Denons, although the Denon's are not super sensitive to dampening effects.

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Thinking of getting fostex Hp-A4 to pair w/ denon d5000, anyone have input or personal experience with this amp?

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Anyone have any experience with the NAD 3020 > D7000? I heard that the Headphone output is quite nice out of this ventage amp.
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Amp for Denon AH D7000 (25 Ohm).
looking for a great musical sounding AMP (dynamic at low sound levels) MUST BE QUIET when nothing is playing yet powerful when the music is there. I Luv Dynamics!

I've read this entier forum hard to decide. ha ha
NAD 3020 still Living? anyone still have one? sound with D7000?
Peachtree audio NOVA? or Decco 2?
WOO Audio WA 6SE? Hummmm is this the sound I'm looking for?

Help Ears Needed. Thanks!!
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Originally Posted by WiR3D View Post

The Reccomendations 
Awesome thread dude even though you spelled recommendations wrong hehe. I just got my TH900s a few weeks ago and this thread is just what I needed to get started with pairings. Thank you very much for your time in this.
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