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For Sale: Sennheiser HD580 / silver cable

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For Sale:
Sennheiser HD580 / silver cable

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my beloved HD580 (newer 'silver' version).  I'm the second owner.. the first owner was the original owner/purchaser of the phones.  The first owner mentioned two very minor issues that don't affect the sound of the phone in any way: cosmetic imperfections (a scuff & a nick on the headband) & a missing clip (two clips secure the cushion to the underside of the headband.. one was missing).  The nicks/scuffs were, indeed, incredibly small and not visible unless you look for them/up close.  Frankly, I'm surprised he even mentioned them.  The missing cushion clip is a non-issue since the cushion stays quite secure with just one clip.  Bottom line, they look great, feel plush, and remain secure.


I've meticulously cared for them since they've been in my possession.  I received them in stock form & carefully modded them to APS specs.  One tweak I performed to preserve comfort was keeping the (ear side) foam cushion in place while just cutting out a circular portion that covers the driver (see pic).  You get the acoustic benefits from an unmuffled driver (per the APS mod), but don't lose the comfort & protection the rest of the foam provides.


I've swapped brand new HD600 grills (Sennheiser OEM) on the phones (I will be including the stock HD580 grills, too).  My HD580 comes with new earpads, a new headband cushion, and the HD650 cable.  I'll also be including a custom-made, 7N silver cable (by Chris_Himself).  This silver cable is impeccably constructed & is all I've really used with HD580 (4 feet, sleeved with gray techflex, terminated to an (upgraded) 3.5mm DHC plug). Silver cable has been sold / price adjusted.


The HD580, for all intents & purposes, is identical to the HD600.  Both share the same drivers (the HD600 has slightly tighter driver tolerances), housing, and tuning.  The creator of the HD580/HD600 has said as much.  There's a reason the HD580 is hard to come by on the forums.  They offer identical, if not better (in some subjective cases) performance at a much lower price than the HD600.


-Price includes shipping to CONUS (I will ship worldwide and cover the cost as long it isn't exorbitant.. check with me first).

-PayPal payment as a gift (or add 4%).

-No trades.

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Pictures added.

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Silver cable has been sold / price adjusted.

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HD580 has SOLD.

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