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For Sale or Trade: Tube Buffer

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For Sale or Trade:
Tube Buffer

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Yaqin CD3 Tube Buffer


Great tube buffer I won at the last Head-Fi auction.  Well, actually I didn't win, but I immediately managed to buy it off the guy who did win.rolleyes.gif


Anyway, perfect for adding power to your system, adjusting impedance mismatches, or just cutting a little of the "digital" sound from your system.  I have the crappy tubes that came with it, but am including two vintage NOS RCAs I picked up for $35.  


The photos show the unit as I have it now, I took the tube protector off, put black tape over the various lettering and removed the blue LCD light I couldn't stand to get a sleek, minimal look that showed off the tubes. I think it looks tons better this way, but I can set any or all of it to stock if you want.  Here is tons of info and pictures:

Looks like $179 is the lowest shipped to USA, so I'm asking $90 picked up in NYC, or whatever shipping costs, and I'm going to throw in the $35 RCA tubes and a Straight Wire 1.5ft interconnect cable for free.  


Potentially open to trades, but I'm not really looking for anything right now.  If you've got something, let me know and maybe we can work out a deal. 

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maybe a little late but just sent you a pm, thanks



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Sold.  Thanks!

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