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Poll Results: Which styling do you prefer?

  • 77% (156)
  • 22% (45)
201 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by Graphicism View Post

Is it just me or...



Not just you lol. That does not look out of place, although I expect it to SOUND out of place

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Originally Posted by Graphicism View Post

Is it just me or...

can I avatar this?
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I don't particularly like wood or am that impressed by its use (seems like a small form over function sacrifice anyhow), but the AH-D7100 looks a bit confused and tacky to me.  Then again, I don't like silvery-colored anything.  Not that I'd be opposed to using the AH-D7100 if it sounded great.

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I dont buy cans for its looks but the D7000s were a champion on that. Also they're on my top 3, they got an amazing sound that doesn't need fancy amps. How many high end full sizes can you say that of?

I love'em so much I guess I'm gonna buy another pair soon. They were my first passion in this hobby and that you never forget.

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I think both looks very nice, but I prefer the 7100s by a tiny margin.  Don't get me wrong the 7ks are beautiful with the fully exposed wooden cups, but the new ones look a good deal more modern.  The wood is still there, but now covered up a bit.  I honestly wouldn't mind having either pair on my head. 

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While I am kind of a sucker for wood, I don't think the 7100 is that bad. I guess that photo makes it look kind of plasticy, but I seriously don't get why people are comparing these to Beats. I imagine they look better in real life, but even the pictures don't look at all as tacky as the Monsters. They don't look half bad in this picture...I'd even say attractive.



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I love the AH-D 7000s but progress is progress.


As far as the new design......................................





If you study the mechanics of how the ear cups fall into place along with the head pressure, it is actually a very cool concept. I don't own Beats but actually have a set of super cheap knock-offs that I use at times when I don't want to worry about breaking stuff. 


I have not tried the 7100s, but it may be that they sound great and physically adjust well. It may be that they are made and designed well. They seem to have got the idea from how beats are designed? I can't think of the emulation here coming from anything else?


It may work out great and the looks could be years ahead of the times.





1000  The new AH-D 1000     eek.gif

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D7100 kinda looks lame if you ask me

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I just posted an unboxing photo set, which you can see by clicking here. In that set are photos of the two headphones together.


Here are the ones of them together (click for full-size):


1000 1000


1000 1000

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I'd say the D7100's don't look *bad* by most headphone standards, but the D7000's are one of the very few headphones that are aesthetically well designed. There's only one thing that I'd do to change the way they look, and that's change that square hot dog shaped piece between the headband and cups (don't know the name).

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Call me a headphone addict. The more I look at the 7100s, the more I want em. I voted that the AH-D 7000s look the best! 

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Get rid of the duck bill and change the silver to black, and THEN we'll talk.
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I would like to see the whole thing in black. A kind of ugly/pretty gig going on?

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Between the two, I voted for...rolleyes.gif


The protective cover design of the new cans look just that - protective covers. In the same manner grandmothers use to (still do?) use plastic covers over their finest furniture. Functional? Certainly. Hideous? A resounding YES!


Obviously, they wanted the cans to hit the street and go mobile. And accenting the cans with a touch and flair of model once used in the home environment. I just think they could have done a more tasteful job with the concept.


Kindly written,


Silent One, satisfied owner - Denon AH-D7000 Zeus Quad22 OCC Copper 4x22 AWG - XLR (Balanced w/matching adapter) wink.gif

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I cant help but shake the feeling that they made an effort to make them look futuristic or whatnot.


Now I do think that if no one makes stuff that looks like sci-fi stuff we will never truly live in a sci-fi world (I mean come on, it is the year 20XX already!) rolleyes.gif. But honestly that should not be Denons job, they had such a wonderful thing going with the D7000. Its look was something timeless, simple and elegant.

That is why my vote goes for the classic, but not without a certain tiny hesitation. tongue.gif

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