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Poll: Styling of D-7000 vs D-7100

Poll Results: Which styling do you prefer?

  • 77% (156)
  • 22% (45)
201 Total Votes  
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I have to admit that the D-7100 styling is starting to grow on me after my initial reaction of:                     





However I still adore the super rich cups from the 7000 and from what I have been reading I think most agree. Time to find out for sure.



Denon+D7000.jpg                       tumblr_m7a5nuRfoU1qettcw.jpg

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Ha! What a fantastic poll.


I voted for the D7000. It's got a classic design. The D7100 is growing on me too. The first set of pics were bad and gave me the impression that they were made from cheap plastic!

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D7000 by far. The D7100 looks too "urban"
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D7000, good wood only improves upon something and adds a level of class. D-7100 are nice but they remind me too much of Beats.

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that round plate where the denon word was etched...is that made of wood??


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Im not 100% sure but I do not think so. In all the pictures I've seen it is a consistent color all throughout so my guess is it is plastic

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i voted for the d7000, tongue.gif

...but over time, if this d7100 proves its clear superiority, i am inclined to force myself to LIKE IT.




as in not just subbass...but subterraneanbass...and more forward mids...and...and ...and...lower price. okk its not gonna happen.


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If the D7100 was going against any other headphone I might've voted for it.  However as it stands, I think the D700 is the classiest looking can on the market, I've seen.

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I feel like I need to see the D7100 on a head before I can truly judge it. I mean beats may look sleek, but once you put them on your head, it sticks out like sore thumb. If the D7100 can pull off looking good while being worn, it would definitely get my vote. For all I know, the D7000 still looks quite chunky, compared to, say, K701's or HD598's.

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Is it just me or...



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do u think the d7100 is designed also with a hope for it to be used.. ON THE GO?


hehe...just saw the b...way to go man...they should collaborate!!




edit...they should do a d instead...can u tweak that foto again???

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I feel like in the mainstream there are 2 sets of cans that people recognize as high quality and will spend big bucks on (for non headfiers). Bose and Beats, and it seems to me that the status and look are just as if not more important than the sound in this market. I feel like the design change in this direction for this line of headphones is to make it more appealing to non audiophiles who DO care what they look like with the cans on. This is that sort of urban trendy style for that market. Just my .02

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voted for the D7000 , we have history

The cups are just.................

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Unfortunately I also think its a poor attempt to follow a beats design. I miss the classic beauty of the previous design, even though it was a little fragile.

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I really love those deep wooden cups...
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