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For Sale: FS/FT Stax SR-Omega

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For Sale:
FS/FT Stax SR-Omega

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have for trade (or sale) the very rare Stax SR-Omega headphones (with original SR-Omega drivers). The headphones are in excellent condition, and only show some wear on the screws securing the outer enclosure piece. The leather headband is in excellent condition and one of the better examples I have seen. They usually start to fray, in the part that touches your head, but this one is very nice. The pads are also in excellent condition and are firm with almost no creases. There are 3 very minor lines (not scratches) on the left earcup, I’ve attempted to photograph them in one of the pictures. Also on the right grill there are about 5 spots where the black paint rubbed off the grill, each spot is about the size of a mark a ball point pen would make (very, very small). Please note that the headphones do not come with the original box.

These are incredible sounding headphones, probably the closest to the HE90 that I have heard.  That is to say they have a very large, airy soundstage with incredible vertical soundstage. They measure quite flat. I really agree with Nomad’s assessment here:

Even after hearing the SR-009, the size and euphony of the SR-Omega soundstage is unparalled by any except Qualia and HE90.

The headphones are from a smoke/child free home and always used in central temperature and humidity controlled house. They have always been stored in a padded box when not in use.

I am looking to trade plus cash for a Headamp BHSE. I am only interested in units built by Headamp and preferably ones from a US/Canadian owner. Color does not matter much, though I would prefer something traditional like black, silver, grey instead of flashy.

I will make sure they are packed extremely well (double boxed). If I’m unsuccessful finding a trade I might entertain a sale.

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i want buy this...

how much??

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Still available

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how much are they?

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whats the price ?

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What's the price???

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how much ?


Do you have a stax T2?

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How much...:?

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I am very interested.  Is it still available for sale ?


Many thanks,

Gary Lee

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