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Experienced ET by trade, with a couple DIY audio projects

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I'm new to this forum and wanted to introduce my self. I'm an experience Electronics Tech with 10 years in the field. Currently I specialize in communications transport over copper, fiber and Microwave radio. To break it down simply, to something everyone can relate to... when you call someone on the other side of the country, I maintain the equipment that makes that possible.


in my off time, I enjoy time with my wife and daughter, and listening to music on my phone...



I have two projects that I'm going to be undertaking, both of which are for my new UE TF10's.


The first is that I'm going to buy a good set of factory iphone compatable cables for a competator earbud, and replace the connectors with UE typ connectors. I'm not set yet, but considering Shure's CBL-M+-K-EFS as a base point.


The second, and I know it's going to be a challenge, is to build a set of normal, 3.5mm trs jack, cables.


I'm planning on using the following components/sources


viablue t6s 3.5mm plug (Krispy Kables) or Switchcraft 35HDBAUS 3.5mm plug (take five audio)

26 awg PTFE 19 strand silver coated copper wire (navship)

3:1 double adhesve heatshrink, have on hand

ue tf10 plugs (lunashop or ebay)


I'm also thinking about using a nylon sleeving, but i'm concerned about any microphonics that they might induce in my build.


I'm looking for advice on my component selection, including options I don't have listed, with justification. Advice on sources is also more than welcome. And finally tips and tricks on how to succeed.




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i'm curious... does anyone have a source for UE tf10 plugs that's in North America? Just realized that Luneashops is also the vender selling them on Ebay.


also, does anyone have any experience with purchaseing from Lunashops?



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so... no one is interested in comenting? No advice... no shut up and die??? must not be interesting.

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I think most people only come here to look at pretty pictures XD I'm a noob, so I can't really recommend you anything. however I think it's really cool to have a 10 year et on the site!

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yes I have experience with the ebay connectors and to put it bluntly, I found them pretty crappy. I have traditionally molded my own directly onto the cable ends; that is what I will continue to do …


the navships wire is stiff exceedingly microphonic, not suitable for an IEM cable in the slightest, thats without sleeving too … pure teflon is the worst dielectric in this regard. using soft nylon full coverage multifilament would actually make it LESS microphonic, but not the normal PET type. I would still give the navships stuff a wide birth. I have tld several people this here in the past who were doing the same job as you and most did not listen initially, not believing it was as extreme as I said I guess, but they ALL came back and gave me the opportunity to say I told you so.


depending on budget I would recommend seeing if you can track down some of the silicone insulated stranded wire, coonerwire I think are the manufacturer. you might search this forum for posts by Steve Eddy on the subject, or PM him and see if he can either sell you some, or put you in contact with someone who can. he may try to sell you some raw silk sleeved silver =) but dont listen to him, great wire, but not for IEM cables.

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thanks for the feedback!!! All the industrial electronics experience in the world doesn't hold a candle to the real world experience that you just shared! Frankly, the concept of microphonics is something that I'm not used to to accounting for, so I'm not familiar with what materials are used to best avoid it.


I have some questions.


do you have a build along, or photos of how you form your connectors? I imagine it's easy, i'm just curious what you use to unsulate the pins, what you use for pins, and what you use as an outer cover?


is the stranded si coated wire you are talking about silver or silver plated copper? if not, is silver as important as i've been lead to believe, as it pertains to IEM's?


Thanks again!!



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Just got off the phone with Cooner Wire http://www.coonerwire.com/


Their customer service is top notch, I have a sample of 24 and 26awg silver coated copper wire insulated with Si on the way and look forward to checking it out.


They do sales to individuals and their prices are more than other stuff, but still in my budget. 25' of 24awg goes for $4.37/ftj and 25' of 26awg goes for $3.39/ft.


I wanted to compare the navship wire with cooner wire to give an example...


Navships 24awg wire is 19 strands of silver plated copper.

Cooner's 24awg wire is  105 strands of silver plated copper.


so, it'll be significantly more flexable!


I'm sold



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