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For Sale: Beyer T70P's - not working

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For Sale:
Beyer T70P's - not working

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a pair of broken T70P's going spare.

They are boxed and in immaculate condition, fully intact and with case and all original accessories.

However, both drivers are blown and so they sound dreadful.

Lesson learnt - never plug T70P's into a Schiit Lyr, even with the volume set on minimum.  One expensive mistake.

They have been back to Polar Audio in the UK who have quoted ~£330 for the repair, which is more than I paid for them, making this unrealistic.


So, open to offers if anyone can make use of these - I can't see why you couldn't fit alternative/cheaper Beyer drivers into these remarkably well built housings for a great DIY project.  Alternatively, the microsuede pads, case and headband have to be worth something on their own as spare parts.


Just looking to salvage something from this disaster - PM me with an offer, bearing in mind that I am in the UK.

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Beyer will probably repair within the warranty if you bought them within two years, they okayed a pair of T1s I bought used online

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Thanks, but not in this instance.
The UK service centre classed the fault as being outside of warranty.
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That's too bad; good luck with your sale

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I see know that they're made for orthos. My apologies.

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Not really the fault of Schiit.


From their FAQ (


"Wait, you mean my headphones might blow up?
Dood, 6 watts is more than enough to let the magic smoke out of most headphones. Lyr packs a serious punch, and we expect that you’re grown-up enough to use it with respect. Lyr has a 20-second slow-start and fast-acting turnoff output muting relay, but we still recommend caution, especially if you’re tube-rolling. We will not be responsible for headphones damaged by Lyr."

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I felt sorry for you.. but that thing is insane... but thanks for teaching me a lesson.

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Sold - thanks for the kind words

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