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I've made a similar thread, but circumstances changed a bit and I just want to make sure :)


I want to buy myself a new audio "setup", and by that I mean headphones, microphone and sound card for my PC. I'm mostly playing videogames and recording video with commentary from them. I have around $200 to spent. I don't really want to use audio mixers or amplifiers, I'd prefer to keep it as simple as possible. I'd also like to listen to some music with those headphones and not be forced to have a separate pair for music and a separate one for games.


What I've been thinking about:


Razer Carcharias (gaming headset, so I wouldn't have to worry about mic or sound card since it's USB, but I'm worried about sound quality)

Samson SR850 (recommended to me in the previous thread)

Koss Pro DJ100


AudioTechnica ATH-M50's are out of range unfortunately :/



Shure C606 (I've heard it does its job well)

Samson C01U (USB mic, so I wouldn't worry about the sound card)


Sound Card:

Asus Xonar DG (again, recommended in the previous thread)


My current set-up includes Philips SHP5401, Zalman ZM-MIC1 and Creative Sound Blaster Audigy.


Since I occasionaly do Let's Plays, I need either a sound card that'll allow me to capture sound from game and from mic separately (recording my voice in Audacity and the in-game with video from Fraps) or an USB mic. Optionally I could use two sound cards, but to be honest I'd rather not.


So what do you think? Do you have any other alternatives to those propositions? Or maybe I should keep the sound card? (headphones and mic needs replacement anyways)

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