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I need 2 headphones!!

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Hi everyone, i need advice 


I do mostly mastering and sometimes mixing of electronica music. I use my monitors and speakers for my work, however, i do like using headphones for analysis of details plus making sure sub bass is right. Also for checking my masters as people will listen to them. I would love to have everything in just a pair, but most likely i will need 2 different pairs to get what i need (i certainly hope not 3!)

so my idea is that i use 1) studio phones for analysis, and 2) a pair of hi-fi for sub bass and checking masters.


I currently have a focusrite VRM and Sony MDR 7510 and my budget is 400 tops for both pairs or if i could spend less it will also work!.


how would you guys resolve this issue? let me know what your recommendations will be!!! 



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Maybe a studio headphone and a DJ headphone? HD25 and a HD280?

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Beyerdynamic is always great, and the Dt-770 are very well respected monitoring headphones.
As far as a more bass heavy pair, I would suggest Finding a pair of Sennheiser Hd 525/535, if possible. Those are very bass enriched, and have an incredible mid section. The highs are a little lack luster. If you can't get your hands on those, a pair of Sony Mdr-xb 700 are a very very bassy headphone, and have pretty great mids and highs. The Dt-770 are 160, the Sennheisers are 100-150, and the Sonys are 160. The Senns are the only pair with a removable cable, but thats not hugely important. These are just off the top of my head, I could look more into it, if you want.

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I completely forgot, but the Sennheise HD 600 are very well respected general use headphones. They are exactly 400 dollars, but you could find them used or refurbished for less. Not only will they be great in studio, but you can use em' at home too. Great great headphones, a little ugly though (thats actually an under statement).

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Studio HD380 pro. Very flat not "fun" shaped eq by any means. Then the DT770 for the rest -- 80 or 250 ohm. I presume you don't need an amp if you already have pro equipment but if so just grab an E10 for PC.
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